Two armed men are on the loose after a robbery at a mini mart outside of Wapato last night. The Yakima County Sheriff's office says the robbers tied up workers at the Big Wolf mini mart on Highway 97. They came in around 7:20 p.m., wearing bandanas on their faces and dark hooded sweatshirts. One of them appeared to have a rifle and other had a crowbar. They ordered two employees to give them cash from the register.

Then they ordered the workers to go into the back room of the store, where they tied the hands of one worker. The sheriff's office says they were starting to tie up the other worker when a customer came into the store and the robbers ran off.


Every day Yakima Police officers respond to hundreds of calls, and here you can see details of the last 30 days of incidents.

They got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Deputies don't know if they had a car or left on foot. No one was hurt. If you know anything about the robbery, call the Yakima County Sheriff's office.


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1The FBI says it believes the Yakima County Sheriff's Office under reported the number of incidents in 2018
2Wapato's data for 2018 is not reliable.