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SUNNYSIDE, Wash. --  A 15-year-old Sunnyside High School student was arrested Tuesday night after police say he wrote a Facebook post in which he threatened to shoot a staff member and classmates. 

Sunnyside police Sgt. Oliver Hernandez said the student used a fake name when making the post, which was reported to police Tuesday by several people. Hernandez said police worked with Facebook to obtain the student’s information and make an arrest.

The student is being held at the Yakima County Juvenile Justice Center and faces two possible charges of felony harassment, Hernandez said.

Police said the student was not attending Sunnyside High School at the time the post was made because of disciplinary reasons.


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The threat sent the high school into lockdown for two hours Tuesday afternoon, and a post made on the district’s Facebook page said some safety measures — such as classroom and exterior doors remaining locked — will be in place Wednesday as a precaution.

The school was in a lockdown from 12:22 p.m. until the school day ended at 2:30 p.m. A statement from the school district on its website said students were released on time because authorities believed there was no “direct threat.” However, Sunnyside police remained on campus for the duration of the lockdown as a precaution.


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