Jerald Lee Smith

Jerald Lee Smith

Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brusic has asked the Washington State Patrol to investigate further before deciding whether to pursue charges against a former Selah police sergeant.

Brusic said he will determine late next week whether he will need additional information or if he can make a decision on Jerald Lee Smith’s case. After reviewing the report he received in February and talking to investigators, Brusic said he needed more information before he could make a decision.

State Patrol detectives were asked by Selah police to investigate Smith in November after his estranged wife accused him of pointing a gun at her and threatening to shoot himself after she confronted him about extramarital affairs, according to the more than 400-page report obtained through a public records request.

Smith could not be reached for comment because there was no listed phone number for him.

State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Darren Wright said detectives were looking into allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. The allegations include having sex with a woman he knew as a student at Selah High School while he was a school resource officer in 2011, as well as threatening his wife with a pistol.

Smith’s wife filed a complaint with Selah police in November 2019, about the same time she sought a protective order against Smith. She told investigators that in November 2017, when she confronted him about an affair he was having with another woman, he first pointed his service pistol at her and then at his own head, threatening to kill himself, the documents said.

In an interview with State Patrol investigators, Smith’s wife said her husband had multiple affairs, and she found an exchange of inappropriate emails between Smith and another woman, the documents said.

She also accused Smith of placing a tracker on her phone to know when he could bring women into their house for sex, the report said.

Investigators also reviewed allegations that he had inappropriate relationships with students at the high school. One former student said she met Smith in her senior year, and he told her to let him know where she was going to parties so he could alert her if police were called there, the documents said.

Smith also came over to her home once with alcohol, which he shared with her and a friend who had graduated from the school, the documents said.

Sometime in the spring or summer of 2011, Smith had sex with the former student at his house, the documents said, at a time when she had graduated, the woman told investigators.

She told detectives she didn’t see herself as a victim because she was 18 and she didn’t believe she was pressured into doing anything, according to the report.

A former Selah police reserve officer told investigators that Smith’s inappropriate conduct forced her to leave the department, the report said. She said Smith would regularly show her pornographic pictures and videos while they were on duty, the document said.

Smith resigned from the department in February, police Chief Richard Hayes said.

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