OLYMPIA — It’s now OK to tip your salesperson at a state-licensed marijuana store.

The state Liquor and Cannabis Board announced the change Monday after receiving several inquiries about the practice of having tip jars in stores for “bud tenders” — the salespeople who work to match the customers’ needs with the right strain of pot.

Mark McCants, co-owner of The Happy Crop Shoppe retail pot stores in East Wenatchee and Cashmere, said salespeople can spend as long as 40 minutes with a customer who’s shopping for marijuana with specific qualities.

Customers will sometimes offer to tip the bud tender for their time, but the store wasn’t able to accept them until this week’s announced change, McCants said.

Under the law, tipping is now optional. It can’t be required as a condition of sale, nor can it be linked to the price of a product to avoid tax obligations, Liquor and Cannabis Board officials said in a news release.