UNION GAP, Wash. - An national food awards gathering in Chicago that will honor one of our area's culinary treasures is now live on Twitter

During the awards gala, Union Gap's Los Hernandez Tamales will officially be recognized as one of "America's Classics" by the prestigious James Beard Foundation during its annual awards gala in Chicago.

Foodies, gourmands, and oenophiles sometimes characterize the awards as the "Oscars of food," and while the general public may not be as familiar with them as the Academy Awards, they're a big deal among gourmets and culinary industry insiders.

The America's Classics award recognizes restaurants that have “timeless appeal” and “quality food” reflecting the region’s character. Los Hernandez Tamales is the first Washington state restaurant outside of Seattle to receive the award.

Los Hernandez has been run by Felipe Hernandez and his family since 1990. They're well known for their seasonal specialty: asparagus tamales which are only available during the spring asparagus harvest.