Michele Sink, owner of Fiddlesticks, says her Yakima store “has the best customers.”

You could say that Michele Sink came up through the ranks at Fiddlesticks.

Sink, 62, started working at the Summitview Avenue lifestyle store in 1979. She bought the store from owners Kathy and Dick Myers in April 1993, and has run it since. The store offers home décor, women’s clothing and accessories, gifts and gourmet foods.

A Yakima native and Eisenhower High School graduate, Sink has a degree in fashion design from Central Washington University. She employs 12-15 people to run the store with her. Sink and her husband, Jon, have two children, a granddaughter and are expecting a grandson.

How did Fiddlesticks get started?

Fiddlesticks was started in 1979 by Kathy Myers and Jeannie McWhorter. The merchandise mix has evolved over the years to keep up with the changing times. I started working at Fiddlesticks the Saturday before Christmas in 1979 and purchased the business from Kathy and Dick Myers in April of 1993.

What challenges did you have to overcome, and how did you do it?

As with any job there are always challenges. Fluctuations in the economy, balancing home and work, and being the kind of boss my employees need are challenges that are ongoing. I don’t know that I have overcome them. Keeping my eyes on the Lord and listening to his guidance are keys for me.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self about going into business?

When I first bought Fiddlesticks from Kathy, I told her it was kind of like babysitting (when I managed the store for her) and then having your own kids. I would tell my younger self that you will have struggles, but you are doing the best job you can.

What constitutes a good day at work for you?

A good day at work includes helping others, whether it be locating the perfect gift, the right outfit or allowing others just to enjoy the beautiful displays after a stressful day. We have the best customers.

What was the best gift someone gave you?

The best gift someone gave me was the gift of salvation.

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