Joel De La Torre and Jaime De La Torre Jr. pose for a portrait in the studio of their Anytime Fitness location in Wapato on Wednesday. The De La Torre brothers also own the Bella Brew next door.

You can say it runs in the family.

Jaime De La Torre Jr. and Joel De La Torre spent most of their lives watching their father build his businesses, including a construction firm and laundromats in Wapato and Yakima.

Both of the Wapato natives worked for their dad while in high school before opening their first business five years ago.

Now Jaime Jr., 26, and Joel, 25, own Anytime Fitness locations in Wapato, Toppenish, Granger and Moxee, and Bella Brew coffee shops in Wapato and Moxee. They employ 15 people.

How did watching your father operate his business influence you?

Jaime: Seeing my father go to work every day and watching what he loves to do has influenced the position I am in today. My father once told me, “If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.” Witnessing my mother’s sacrifices has also equally helped and shaped where we are at today.

Joel: Seeing my dad involved with his businesses and evolving to keep them profitable was interesting to me. Seeing what my parents created for themselves by owning their businesses is what motivates us to grow as entrepreneurs.

How do you balance the business relationship with the personal relationship you have as brothers?

Jaime: We both love the work we do day in and day out. That plays a huge role in our relationship. We tackle obstacles together.

Joel: It works out great because we can work together and help each other grow whether it’s work or personal.

You two run two different businesses, a coffee shop and a gym. What drew you to those businesses?

Jaime: I have always had a passion to help other people. My goal is to have gyms that will positively impact the overall health and mindset of our communities. Each day I strive to impact as many lives as I can and help get others to a healthier place.

Joel: We run them all together. The great part is that we both enjoy different things. Joel does the payroll, taxes and paperwork, while I handle the day-to-day duties at each location. Fitness has helped me in many ways, and I wanted others to be able to have the same opportunity. My brother is a huge energy drink fanatic, and I liked the fast-paced customer service, which is why we started the coffee shops.

What would you say is your brother’s most valuable asset?

Jaime: My brother and I complement each other. What I lack, he fills, and what he lacks, I fill. For instance, I dislike being behind a desk, whereas my brother is great at it. I love to be in the businesses talking to our members and seeing what I can do to improve. My brother is behind the scenes making sure I can do those things for our members. We make a great team!

Joel: I think Jaime’s best asset is his personality. He can talk to anyone and create friendships effortlessly. That’s important in business because anyone can be taught the work, but being a people person naturally is hard.

How do you relieve stress and tackle the challenges that come with running multiple businesses?

Jaime: I tackle stress by spending time with my family and girlfriend. Also, another stress reliever is working out with friends and members at our clubs. Seeing progress in our members tackles my stress!

Joel: We do many things to manage any stress from managing multiple businesses. Things like working out, hanging out with family, getting massages are things we do locally. Sometimes you need to take a step back to help you see the business in a different way. A family vacation is the best way to do that; you come back refreshed and ready to go!

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