CHS truck driver Norman Bector unloads diesel gasoline at Fred Meyer in Yakima, Wash., Friday, March 18, 2016. Customers who filled up at the Fred Meyer fuel station during a two-hour window March 17 got the wrong type of fuel, which caused many cars to stall. (SOFIA JARAMILLO/Yakima Herald-Republic)

YAKIMA, Wash. — A Minnesota-based gas company confirmed Monday it was responsible for a mix-up last week that resulted in more than 100 Fred Meyer gas station customers filling up with the wrong type of fuel, causing vehicles to stall and shut down.

In a statement issued to the Yakima Herald-Republic on Monday, CHS Transportation — which provides fuel to Fred Meyer and other gas stations run by parent company Kroger Co. — confirmed that an employee had put diesel fuel in the unleaded gasoline storage tank and unleaded gasoline in the diesel tank at the gas station at 1206 N. 40th Ave. late Thursday afternoon.

“CHS deeply regrets the error and inconveniences experienced by Fred Meyer customers,” the company wrote in its statement. “CHS will work with affected Fred Meyer customers to remediate costs associated with this incident, including covering cost to tow stalled vehicles to any of seven Yakima automotive repair locations it has selected to make repairs.”

Fred Meyer closed the gas station Thursday evening after finding out about the error. CHS then pumped out all co-mingled fuel and replaced it with new fuel, which allowed Fred Meyer to reopen early the following day. The Portland-based retailer is having customers file a claim at the store.

The store is still trying to contact other customers who were affected by Thursday’s mix-up, said Fred Meyer spokeswoman Melinda Merrill.

Merrill said the store is working directly with various repair stores around Yakima, but that it will cover costs for those who opt to go elsewhere — either through reinbursement or though direct billing from the repair shop.