A 7.5-acre retail development that could bring a grocery store to Terrace Heights is moving forward.

Byron Borton of Falcon Ridge Investments said last fall that he wanted to develop the property, which is just west of South 39th Street and Terrace Heights Drive, but needed a traffic plan that satisfied Yakima County regulations.

Since then, Yakima County has committed to complete $2.1 million in road upgrades that would improve access to the property.

Borton, whose company will also contribute $250,000 toward road improvements, said he’s eager to start.

“We’re proceeding forward to make sure we’ll hold our end of the bargain,” Borton said.

Borton’s priority is to secure the first two tenants, including a grocery store. He is talking to several interested grocers but hasn’t secured a firm deal with any of them yet.

Borton also wants to secure a hardware store for the property.

The two tenants’ arrival would coincide with the completion of road improvements. Borton said he’s expecting the first retail activity on the property to come in April or May of 2021.

Once Borton secures the first tenants, he will start to fill out the rest of the

site. Potential tenants could include a coffee shop, fast-food outlets, a gym and a bank.

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