As far back as I can remember, I have loved these three things: fringe, cowhide and cowboy boots. In fact, as a 3-year-old, my favorite outfit when riding my rocking horse was fringe and cowhide chaps, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Now that I am older and wiser (well, at least older), my fashion sense has matured, but my love for all things western, country and “farmhouse” has stayed true. If you see me out and about, it is highly likely that I will either have cowboy boots on, fringe on my purse or a western-style felt hat of some sort — or maybe all three.

Many people might think that you need to be a “horse” girl to rock western fashion, but that is most definitely not the case. Whether you grew up on a farm riding horses, or live in the city and have never even petted a horse (or you fit somewhere in between), you can wear and rock western fashion — and I’m going to show you how with the help of Cindy Reed, the owner of Farmgirl Pickings here in Yakima.

Western Fashion is for EVERYONE

“Do you have to be a cowgirl? No way,” Cindy says. “Western is comfortable, stylish and timeless. It can be as simple as a plaid shirt and denim jacket — or it can be a more traditional western look. You can pair up a flowy blouse with a denim jacket, turquoise jewelry, jeans and boots. It truly is a classic look.”

The Basics of Western Fashion

“Western Fashion 101: Jeans (boot cut, skinny or flare), button up and flowy tops, denim jackets & skirts, blazers (to dress things up a little), turquoise or western style jewelry and boots.”

How to Dress up an Evening Outfit — Western Style

“Layer some silver jewelry and add some pearls or rhinestones. This works with both necklaces and bracelets. Add a fun western-type belt — think leather, with a fun belt buckle or some cool brass accents. And of course, it’s all about the boots! Find some nice fancy ones that speak to you.”

How to Add some Western Fun to Work Outfits

“Dress up a blazer with some chunky turquoise jewelry or a western style brooch — this is one of my favorite things to do on those occasions when I need to look professional. You can also pair a denim button up with a skirt, then add boots and jewelry. Another option moving into fall is wearing an Aztec print sweater or jacket. There are tons of western-style accessories that you can add to your everyday wardrobe to change it up as well.”

Western Trends for Fall & Winter

“Aztec prints are all the rage right now — both in bold and muted color palettes — on cardigans and jackets. These are being layered with flowy blouses, sweaters and tees. Button-up plaid shirts are back again this year and fleece lined vests and jackets are also trending. Western is pretty timeless, so those statement pieces you may want to spend some extra money on are going to last you for years.

“Right now, cowhide and animal hair on leather is hot in purses, bags and accessories. Ladies felt hats that are a cross between a traditional cowboy hat and fedora are also very popular.”

Haven’t been into Farmgirl Pickings or met Cindy? Here are some fun facts about her and her business:

Cindy grew up in and is still involved in agriculture. She also was inspired from a very young age by the women in her family. “I think that kind of lifestyle leads to some kind of old-fashion basics,” she says. “I grew up with aunts who were always creating and decorating their homes. I always loved seeing what they were doing. It was inspiring to me.”

She’s got a great eye for western fashion, for antiques and for home decor. “I have loved collecting antiques and collectables and creating things to decorate my own home. As my kids got older, a friend suggested that I think about becoming a vendor in an antique mall. She had been doing it and was loving it. Six years ago, I gave it a try and it has grown and changed into what Farmgirl Pickings is today.”

Farmgirl Pickings has western fashion and much more. “We have been next to Fiddlesticks for three years, this November. The shop carries women’s clothing, home decor and gifts. I would love to get to a place where I have time to hunt for those special one of a kind items again and bring them back into the mix. When I was at the antique mall, I offered monthly DIY workshops — they are still one of our most popular draws. My goal is to give my guests a feeling of comfort, casual and welcoming through our clothing, decor, gifts and our DIY projects … just Like an old farmhouse.”

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