January has come and gone, which we hope means our hangover from 2020 is finally easing. Vaccines that should help bring the pandemic to an end — someday — are on the way, and we still seem to live in a democracy.

Good start, I guess.

But it’s also time to swallow hard and take a realistic look at all those New Year’s resolutions we made just a month or so ago. You know — exercise more, lose weight, cut back on the booze, get that novel written.

How’s all that going for everybody?

Yeah. After enduring a vigorous workout on New Year’s Day, the exercise equipment at our house is back to being a convenient place to hang clothes. But now that I’ve repositioned it, at least it’s not blocking the path to the beer refrigerator anymore.

I’m not giving up hope in the month of Black History, Valentine’s Day and various presidents’ birthdays, though.

Neither should you, as you’ll learn from the stories in this issue, which is devoted to health and wellness.

The pages ahead offer a boxful of suggestions for personal fitness, recipes for meals, fun children’s activities and even a laugh or two. Think of the following list as sort of a Whitman’s candy sampler of this month’s treats:

Shannon Mahre shows us how to stay in shape with a do-able-sounding exercise regimen you can follow in your living room. (OK, OK — maybe I’ll at least toss the clothes on our exercise machine into the laundry and give it one more try.)

A hot, healthy — and easy — meal is on the menu for Andrea McCoy’s Kitchen Captivated feature. It’s the perfect dish for a family meal on a chilly night.

And in the month of hearts, Christine Conklin remembers the heartburn of her online dating mishaps with a lighthearted cautionary tale.

Christine also takes a lap around the Yakima Greenway, which — thanks to stay-at-home burnout — is experiencing something of a renaissance. So maybe 2021’s off to an OK start. The bar’s set pretty low after last year, and we’ve got some hopeful things in the works.

Here’s to February.