Every year, just like fashion, wedding trends slowly change and evolve — but for 2021, in a post-pandemic world, the evolution has been a bit more drastic. And in some cases, it has brought the focus back to what truly matters most when two people are making a lifelong commitment to each other.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite wedding trends for 2021.

1 The Micro Wedding

This trend kind of speaks for itself in a post-pandemic world, but let’s dive a little deeper. Yes, maybe you want to keep the guest list small so that you can limit the number of people who are gathering. But on top of that, maybe you’ve also realized over the past year and a half that all you need to be happy on your wedding day are your closest and dearest family members and friends by your side.

2Unexpected Venues

From getting married on a boat to getting hitched at an Air BnB at your favorite domestic locale to taking your wedding to the woods or mountains and camping your way into wedded bliss, venues have become more fun (and inspired!) for 2021. Instead of traditional wedding locations, couples are instead basing their location on what they love to do together, and on the places that they love to spend time together the most.

3Weekday Wedding

Have you ever tried to book a wedding venue or a good wedding vendor during wedding season on a weekend? Well, my advice to you is to book WAY in advice or pray for a miracle. BUT, many weekdays are open and available for weddings and other events, because they are less popular than their weekend counterpart. And possibly the best reason to book your wedding on a weekday? Many vendors will give you a discount.

4Destination Without Travel

Do you really want to go to Europe or some tropical locale to tie the knot but you aren’t ready to travel abroad yet? Then I say, let’s just bring your favorite destination and some of its flavor and culture to a domestic location near you.

Wish you were in Venice without the long flight? Order some Venetian-inspired masks for you and your guests, base your appetizers and drinks around Italian cuisine, set up a photo booth that is inspired by the spirit and mystery that is Venice. The sky and your imagination are truly the limit.

5Relaxed and Informal

Even if you have always wanted a fancy, expensive, lavish wedding, maybe the past year and a half has given you a different perspective — a perspective in which all of those prior wants and “needs” have faded away. Getting married should just be about you and the person standing across from you — and the love and commitment you both share.

So if you decide that a mellow evening with the person you love is your jam, then I say go for it ... because at the end of the day, the people you love and their health are more important than any material thing you could ever want or ask for. And to me, there’s not a more perfect place to start a life together.

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