You’ve put away your shorts, flip-flops and sleeveless tops. Summer was way too short and temperatures are already dipping below freezing overnight. There’s no way of missing Yakima’s four distinct seasons and you’ve got to be prepared for anything with our weather.

But how do you stay stylish as we go from fall to winter? We’ve got some tips on the best of this season’s fashions from some local experts: Priscilla Halvorson of Priscilla’s Chic Boutique and Gretchen Gilday, who runs Gretchen boutique.

As the buyers for their stores, they not only see what’s trending for coming seasons at national and international buyers’ shows — they hear what people here in Yakima want from the customers who shop in their boutiques.


Denim is a trend that never goes away. Gretchen is seeing a lot of jeans with a cropped boot cut, which are worn with booties. Jeans are trending a little shorter because they’re meant to show a sliver of skin between the booties and the hem. Detailing on the hems shows off the booties or “shooties,” which are halfway between a bootie and a shoe.

Skinny jeans continue to be in style, Gretchen said, “There is no age limit. Even older customers still like skinny jeans and they are slimming.”

Unfinished hems on pants and shirts are also trending.

She’s seeing a comeback of print blouses with a softer look and easy care — no dry cleaning or ironing.

Priscilla agrees that blouses or fun novelty tops over jeans are an ongoing staple and a popular look for 2020.

Animal prints are hotter than ever, as Priscilla said, “They never seem to leave completely and have a very strong impact this season.”

Hats are also trending. Berets and newsboy styles are the top-sellers at Priscilla’s.

Belts are back and statement jewelry is in demand. Priscilla said gold seems to be overtaking silver.

Hot colors: Gretchen is seeing a lot of charcoal, olive, berry and wine colors, while Priscilla has noticed golden hues are prevalent this fall.