It’s safe to say that just as 2020 proved to be a year of very little travel, 2021 is starting out the very same. Fewer flights are being taken, cruises are docked and trains are pretty well out of the question.

But just because there’s been more hunkering down, it doesn’t mean a trip to a tucked away cabin is out of the question. Imagine spending a few nights, or even just one night, nestled among tall trees in a classic Pacific Northwest A-frame cabin.

Airbnb Host and Knotty Cedars Retreat owner Rachael Jamison thinks choosing an Airbnb is the safest way to travel right now.

“You can be totally self-reliant,” Jamison said. “And you’re not going to encounter other folks in the hallway.”

The beauty of a stay at this dreamy A-frame cabin is that it can be a completely distanced trip. Plan for a quick jaunt over White Pass from Yakima, and you’ll arrive on-site in no time.

Jamison purchased the 1970s-era cabin in Packwood with her husband Craig in 2018. But it certainly wasn’t launched as an Airbnb right away.

“I wanted everything to be immaculate and a bit more modern,” she said. Jamison worked with a local Packwood contractor, who she refers to as an exceptional craftsman, to update the space and get it ready for guests in May 2019.

“We purchased it as an escape for us,” said Jamison. “We fell in love with Mount Rainier and do a lot of hiking and trail running around there. Packwood has always been such a sweet mountain town to us, and we always eagerly looked forward to visiting.”

With Jamison having an MBA, it was a natural fit for her to start this entrepreneurial venture, but it certainly isn’t all about money.

“Airbnb is a great way to create another source of income, and still have the cabin for ourselves,” said Jamison. “But it’s also a way to keep the cabin occupied and to put money into the local economy.”

Nestled among tall trees, the cabin makes a statement with its quintessential A-frame shape. The deck offers the ideal spot to relax in the sun on a warm day, while the fire pit out front is the perfect spot to gather with family for a fire. Of course, don’t forget the s’mores.

Though nothing short of magical, the outdoor setting isn’t the only highlight of this abode. The interior has been designed as Jamison’s ideal space, and plenty of guests would agree she has exceptional taste.

The beds are as comfortable as can be, decked out in beautiful Pendleton blankets. The loft area, the point of the A-frame, offers a tranquil sleeping space, while the master bedroom features tongue-and-groove cedar walls to make you feel like you’re tucking in for the night in a treehouse. The indoor wood-burning stove seals the deal, making this cabin a truly cozy escape.

Making sure the cabin is ready for guests just as the Jamisons would like it to be for themselves, it’s designed with clean lines and simple furnishings.

“We do, and continue to, hold ourselves to the highest standard,” said Jamison. “We’ve traveled all over the world, and we know what we like. And clean, clean, clean has always been at the top of those standards.”

With those standards already in place, the Jamisons were able to easily shift to further enhance their cleaning protocols at the onset of the pandemic, and those protocols for keeping guests comfortable and safe still remain.

“Airbnb offered guidelines for cleaning,” said Jamison. “We shifted to the most potent disinfectants, and we put things away to avoid a lot of use.”

Items such as the barbecue or magazines and books that once sat on the coffee table have been tucked away for now. And while many Airbnb hosts have implemented these same protocols, Jamison recommends that if you’re hesitant about Airbnb travel to reach out to the host about the protocols they have implemented.

“The host is going to be more than happy to answer questions,” she said.

With a full kitchen and a comfortable space, you could easily stay at this cabin for days to escape from the world. But if you’re looking for a bit more adventure, there’s certainly plenty of options in the area as well.

If you’re an avid hiker, this is undoubtedly a great home base. “Mount Rainier isn’t just a state treasure, it’s a treasure to the world,” said Jamison. And the cabin is just minutes from the National Park.

The popular High Rock Lookout Trail is another quick jaunt from the cabin, offering unparalleled views at over 5,600 feet. And if you’re lucky, Mount Rainier will pop out to say hello while you’re on top of the clouds.

Back in town, you can’t go wrong with a post-hike pizza from local Cruiser’s Pizza or coffee and a treat from The Mountain Goat Coffee Company. Plus, you can grab a bag of freshly roasted beans to go as you make your way back home to Yakima after a relaxing, socially distanced trip.