Three brothers recently started a business together. Nothing too out of the ordinary about that. But their business is special and the reason why they started the business together is even more special.

Brothers Tony and Freddy Alcazar and brother Aaron Barba, are the owners of Vida Health Bar, located at 502 W. Nob Hill Blvd. It opened around the first of August and word is just starting to get out about this light, bright and fresh, healthy food choice business, mostly via social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. They specialize in healthy, gluten and dairy free, all organic smoothies, juices, grain bowls, fruit bowls and even a pudding made from Chia seeds, coconut milk, strawberries and banana.

One of the brothers, Freddy, had been diagnosed with cancer and during his time working toward recovery, the family realized that he was not able to absorb enough nutrients in the food he was eating. They also found there was not a wide selection of healthy, made-to-order food options in Yakima. When Freddy happily found out that he was cancer-free, (on his birthday no less) the three decided they wanted to make a difference for the Yakima community and offer more quick and healthy food choices for locals on the go, and from that mission Vida Health Bar came to be.

I happened to discover Vida while driving down Nob Hill because I spotted their bright new sign. It really stood out and I had to ask myself. Was this a new place? So, I pulled over to check it out. Tony greeted me with a big smile when I walked in. You could clearly see the pride he had in his new establishment and he was eager to tell me their family story and about the healthy choices on their menu.

I ordered their #2 Detox Smoothie. They blend green apple, coconut water, parsley, black seed oil (these seeds have been used throughout history for their healing properties), blueberries, lemon and aloe into a delicious, slightly tart juice. Vida blends their smoothies in a vacuum blender, which removes the air bubbles from the mix. This innovative technique protects healthy antioxidants like vitamin C, E, and A, which can degrade when exposed to air. Proponents also claim compacting the ingredients more tightly and with less foam means a more powerful burst of flavor. What I found was unlike many other smoothies, this was not thick and gloppy, but a truly flavorful and refreshing drink.

I look forward to going back and trying a few other things on their menu. We all have challenges getting enough of the good stuff into our bodies. Vida Health Bar is a great place to buy yourself a treat, while treating yourself right.