Pet adoption

Don't base a life-changing decision like adopting a pet on a passing emotion, the Humane Society cautions. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

The Yakima Humane Society would like you to consider the following advice before adopting a pet — or giving one as a gift:

  • Do not give an animal as a gift at a holiday such as Christmas or Easter. The added confusion and presence of more people can cause the animal extra stress. Instead, get an application to adopt from the Humane Society and wrap it up with a note, explaining that a new pet will be coming soon.
  • Do not buy a “designer animal” based upon the latest movie craze or TV series.
  • Also avoid an impulse adoption: seeing a cute little animal or feeling blue one day and deciding, out of emotion, that you’ll bring the animal home that day.
  • Make sure that an animal fits your lifestyle. A large, active dog is not going to be happy cooped up in an apartment if you’re gone many hours each day. An older dog may not be able to keep up with an active outdoors regimen.
  • Consider the practical aspects such as family allergies, annual expenses (estimated to be at least $500 for food, equipment and medical care), and what you’re going to do if you plan to travel and cannot take the pet along.