In 2006, Robert and Lisa Vickers realized that they and their children, Isabella and Ian, had outgrown their small Yakima home. The couple longed for wide-open spaces and decided to begin a search in West Valley for property-for-sale signs. Fortunately, one day they spotted a “Home for Sale” sign west of Yakima’s city limits.

They turned onto a dirt road that led up a hill to find the house. They wasted no time calling for an appointment to see the home and grounds. While touring the older home’s 2,800 square feet of living space that sits on 2 acres, they envisioned the possibilities.

It was clear that extensive remodeling was necessary to make it their own; however, they also envisioned the property’s potential, so Robert and Lisa bought the house and haven’t looked back.

Updating and remodeling their home did not happen overnight. In fact, they waited six months before moving in.

“I spent three years taking the trash off the property,” Rob said with a laugh.

Finally, in 2018, the family was ready to embark on a major remodeling project. They hired DJ Turner Construction Co. to handle their home’s major remodel. Believe it or not, the Vickerses opted to stay in their home throughout the entire project. I’m sure they didn’t regret their decision because the finished home and grounds turned out exactly how the family envisioned it.

Finding the Vickerses’ house took a bit of sleuthing on my part, but it was well worth it. Once we found the correct side road, we drove up to their hill and parked by the garage, totally missing their circular roundabout parking area, created by Roots Nursery and Landscaping. Three beautiful basalt columns were installed in the middle of the circle. Large boulders create a garden barrier from the wide stone steps that lead to a porch and the handsome wooden front door.

Our first stop was the couple’s spacious dining room, where a long, contemporary dining table and matching chairs take center stage. Robert and Lisa have collected all kinds of original art over the years and the dining room walls display some interesting pieces.

A small guest bathroom is conveniently located between the dining room and kitchen. Lisa definitely has an eye for style and design, and she picked a modern mirror and dress that has a ceramic bowl-style sink that sits on top of the counter.

The next stop was the great room, where they placed their modern kitchen. It features quartz countertops and contemporary wood cabinets. A well-appointed island with built-in stove and seating for four makes it the perfect spot for casual family dinners.

The Vickerses love to travel and have adorned the kitchen’s walls with delightful Hawaiian wood signs that they’ve picked up on their travels to the Islands.

Across the room, the couple have cleverly established a family area without walls by installing a gas fireplace and positioning a big-screen television above the mantel on a southeast wall. They also created a spot on the opposite side of the room that’s perfect for relaxing, visiting and watching television.

The Vickerses found a crescent-shaped, two-piece sofa and paired it with a set of small curved, coffee tables. They purchased a circular rug that was placed under the furniture to establish the sense of a wall-less, separate space from the kitchen. The family loves to watch their favorite movies, TV shows and sports events with family and friends in this unique, wall-less space.

The home’s front door opens to the living room, with an upright piano on one wall. It’s no wonder they have a piano and an old-school record player and speakers sitting on a mid-century console, because Rob has a wonderful voice and loves to sing. He has starred in many leading roles at the Warehouse Theatre Company.

Rob and Lisa wisely located their master suite on the quiet side of their house, away from the kitchen/family room. They originally wanted to put their master suite above the garage, but decided against it. A spacious wood-framed bed, adorned with a colorful quilt, guarantees sweet dreams. A beautiful wood dresser across from the bed not only holds clothes but provides a base for the television in case they want to catch a late show.

Lisa helped design the master bathroom, incorporating tile accents that run up the wall of the shower and behind the vanity’s mirror. A modern square sink sits atop the countertop, creating an air of sophistication. And if they don’t feel like a shower, they can also take a soak in their spacious, adjoining bathtub.

And now it’s time to discover one of the most appealing features of this country home — the large kitchen/family room features a bank of windows and a sliding glass door leading to a wide porch that runs the length of the east side of the house.

“Previously, the original house was a box, with a wrap-around porch, and a large locust tree that hid the view,” Rob said. Today, they enjoy entertaining on a much wider porch. The family loves to dine outdoors at a long table that can easily accommodate their family and friends. Besides enjoying a delicious dinner, guests receive a bonus: a breathtaking, eastward view of the Yakima Valley.

Rob and Lisa Vickers have achieved the “just right” house remodel, sophisticated without being showy. It’s exactly the home they wanted.