“This is the start of a new season in your life’s garden. So plan with courage. Plant with hope. Tend with kindness. And by all means, celebrate every single bit of the harvest.”

The Master Gardener clinic at the WSU Extension office is not only a resource for gardening questions but also for garden pests and other insects. No one likes these unwanted visitors, so we first try to identify them and then suggest measures for natural control or elimination.

Way back in the mid-1980s, when my husband and I first started gardening, we had some friends who raised horses out in West Valley. They had a lot of horses, and those horses produced tons of manure. When this happens, who ya gonna call? Well, the Baranys, of course.

Weeds seem to be the most visible lawn and landscape pest, and will always be a major headache for homeowners. Weeds have evolved to be tough and opportunistic, taking advantage of thin areas in our lawns, landscape beds or fields and pastures the moment we turn our backs.

Each year at the Master Gardener Diagnostic Clinic, a well-trained group of volunteers takes hundreds of calls from Yakima gardeners. A frequent concern: hydrangeas.

Every year since 1996, the American Hosta Growers Association picks one outstanding variety to honor as Hosta of the Year. The winner for 2019 is “Lakeside Paisley Print,” with thick, heart-shaped leaves edged in wide, wavy green margins. A narrow, creamy-white feather seems to fill the cent…

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To celebrate the birth of each of his two daughters, my father brought flowers to my mother at the hospital. He chose potted hydrangeas each time. I never asked him why, but my father was a practical man. A bouquet of roses could have seemed too ephemeral.

Tomatoes are the most beloved vegetable in the garden patch. They are easy to grow, but it’s difficult to decide which ones to plant.

Celery (Apium graveolens) is a vegetable that is popular with the health conscious. The stalks are almost absent of calories, yet contain important vitamins and minerals. Many herbal remedies claim that celery helps balance blood pH, lowers cholesterol, relieves constipation, normalizes body…

This weekend in London, the Royal Horticultural Society is hosting the epic Chelsea Flower Show. Held on the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital since 1912, it’s become the most eminent garden show in the world. Members of the British royal family attend every year, along with 157,000 visi…

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