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We’re more than halfway through October, and everywhere you look there’s pink. Pink ribbons, pink labels on products at the grocery store, and pink on NFL players’ shoes. Breast Cancer Awareness month has been associated with the color pink, and pink ribbons for decades, but how did all this…

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When Ginny Petty noticed a rash on her breast, she wasn’t too concerned at first. She felt around carefully, and there was no sign of a lump. There was no history of breast cancer in her family. Probably just a heat rash, she thought. But when the rash didn’t go away, she went to her primary…

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Breast cancer is something women know we should watch out for, because we know the risks. One in eight of us will get breast cancer in her lifetime. We were taught how to do a monthly self-exam to check for lumps, have the doctor check us during regular physicals, and as we get older, we sta…

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Five cases of hepatitis A have been reported in Yakima County in the past two weeks, and the Yakima Health District cautions customers of the Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in Yakima that they could have been exposed.

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As the most accessible way to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, naloxone is becoming a familiar option as more health professionals, police and emergency responders carry and administer it.

Editor’s note: “Ask us: Your health matters” (formerly, “Friends, Love and...) is a semi-regular column covering health issues, especially those some folks might be too embarrassed to talk about otherwise. If you have a health-related question or something you want a little insight into when…

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