Local health departments in Washington inspect restaurants and other retail food service establishments to guard against foodborne illnesses. Agencies throughout the state, including the Yakima Health District, look for safe food handling practices and clean kitchen facilities.

We're posting the results of every food service inspection done by the Yakima Health District of establishments since 2014

LAST UPDATED: November, 2017. This database will be updated monthly to both show current reports and to give diners a way to gauge a facility's record over time.

About the Inspections

The Yakima Health District tries to inspect every licensed operation at least once a year.

Violations are classed as either critical or non-critical. Critical violations involve a high risk of foodborne illness.

Each violation carries a point value, with the most serious violations worth the most points. Any facility that gets more than 35 points of critical violations or 45 total points fails the inspection.

More about inspections, violations, and point values at the bottom of this page


Health Inspections

ID Name Passed Failed Latest Inspection Type Address City

More About the Inspections

What happens after a failed inspection?

Failed inspections trigger a follow-up inspection, usually within two weeks. If the problems haven't been fixed by then there can be more serious consequences, starting with a 'compliance inspection' and potentially ending with a facility being shut down.

When would inspectors shut down a facility?

The Yakima Health District says inspectors can and do order immediate shutdown if they find something that is an imminent health risk, but these are relatively rare. The district's lead inspector says his office does about 20 compliance inspections a year and only rarely has to escalate beyond that.

Abbreviations Used

  • BHC: Bare Hand Contact
  • DOH: Washington State Department of Health
  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration
  • FWC: Food Worker Card
  • HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  • PHF: Potentially Hazardous Food
  • PIC: Person in Charge
  • ROP: Reduced Oxygen Packaging
  • RTE: Ready to Eat
  • RTS: Room Temperature Storage
  • USDA: United States Department of Agriculture
  • WAC: Washington Administrative Code
  • WSDA: Washington State Department of Agriculture