Yakima Police Incidents

Every day Yakima Police officers respond to several hundred incidents. This app displays details of incidents handled by the Yakima Police Department over the last 30 days. Each dot represents one 'call for service' responded to by YPD officers.

Calls for Service

Calls for service reflect the initial report as received by the department -- usually because of a 911 call or an officer's radio report -- and the nature of the incident often winds up being something different than reported. In many of these incidents there's no crime discovered or no arrest made. In others, the incident reported is different from what officers discover on the scene.

How to Use

Click on an incident for details, use the slider at the bottom of the map to choose the range of dates displayed, and use the checkboxes in the upper right corner to control which kinds of calls are displayed.

All incidents are reproduced as they're received from the City of Yakima. Incidents classified as sex crimes and those involving juveniles are not displayed for privacy reasons. Calls classified as welfare checks are excluded because of the volume of incidents. Call data often takes several days before being delivered.

Incident Categories

Reports of violent crime and most crimes against individual people.
Crimes against property - theft, vandalism, trespass, etc.
Reported drug activity, overdoses, and DUI cases.
Domestic disturbances and similar incidents.
Traffic violations, parking problems, accidents, and similar calls.
Suspicious circumstances is one of the most common reports. They often turn out to be nothing, but sometimes they turn up criminal activity.
Court orders, citizen assistance, and the like.
All the other stuff -- from illegal fireworks to missing persons and everything in between.

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