It’s the one question I’m asked most consistently: “The news is always so terrible. Why don’t you publish some good news once in a while?”

I understand. Sometimes the news can be overwhelming.

So here’s an entire section of good news.

We publish 39 under 39 early each year. It’s a premium edition exclusively for subscribers of the Yakima Herald-Republic.

In its 2018 debut, reporter Mai Hoang explained the idea behind 39 under 39.

“No longer do residents here have to buy into the idea that young people must always leave the Yakima Valley for better and brighter opportunities in a bigger city,” she wrote. “It is time to tell the Yakima Valley’s young residents that, like the people featured on these pages, they can take their ambition, drive and passion to build a better and brighter future right in their hometown.”

We organize 39 under 39 profiles based on six categories: arts and culture, business, education, health care, nonprofits and advocacy, and public service. Some honorees make significant impacts within their vocations; others do vital work on behalf of underserved or at-risk people in the Yakima Valley. Most of them were nominated by the public.

This year’s list includes an audiologist, a theater director, a Realtor, a choral music teacher and 35 others. Despite their varied interests, histories and professions, they share a common goal — they’re dedicated to making the Yakima Valley a better place to live.

And that’s good news.