Joan CawleyCrane is a senior lecturer in Central Washington University’s art department, where she is a distinguished faculty member. She teaches art history, papermaking and printmaking. Currently, you can view her artwork at the Boxx Gallery through Sunday, May 29, in an exhibit titled “A Thread Runs Through It.”

CawleyCrane says that by nature she is “both an active observer and a mark maker. My art is a form of tangible observation, recording and transforming my environments, both inner and outer. I focus on the daily, the mundane; capturing both the minutiae, and the transformative; all acts of being present.”

Her exhibit at the Boxx has a wide variety of media. “Over time,” CawleyCrane writes, “many of my works have evolved into accumulations; drawings using powdered pigments, pastels, watercolors and spray paint; monotypes, hand-made papers and found objects.

“I often use handwork — “marginalized” techniques — as ways to engage myself, and the viewer. Textiles, woven and/or stitched, often with handspun, have joined all these other techniques to combine toward a cumulative series — a synthesis of the paying of close attention, of mark making, and of the passage of time.”

In addition to the exhibit, the Boxx Gallery also features a monthly “Gift Box” artist. The jewelry of Lucy Valderhaug is currently on display. Her focus lately has been enamel. “I am now fascinated with enamel,” she says. “The process is complex and unpredictable. She uses a powdered enamel and an acetylene torch so that she “can actually see the melting of the enamel as it becomes glass. It is beyond exciting, even breathtaking.”

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