At this point, I guess we all have to admit that this pandemic is a clever devil. No sooner do we think there may be a clear trajectory toward normalcy than the pandemic throws a raging tornado directly into the flight path. As the tornado of omicron swirls about us, The Seasons Performance Hall has structured our spring 2022 calendar so that each individual can assess the risks and reenter the music “scene” at their own pace.

Over the last two years, The Seasons has developed a full arsenal of responses for any conditions COVID may throw at us and still deliver quality live music performances. To meet this particularly weird moment, we are featuring a one-of-a kind special through Feb. 28: a durable dozen all-star livestream performances from 2021 that you can now re-stream any time in the comfort and safety of your own home. Each features world-class musicians and a professional audio-visual style that has made The Seasons Livestream Project the “holy grail of livestreaming.” If you haven’t tasted its pleasures, this is a great moment to try one, or try all of these.

Delightful dozen

The Seasons’ Delightful Dozen Livestream All-Star Series costs $15 per concert or $50 for a series ticket.

Stephanie Ann Johnson and the Hidogs — Chinook Fest favorite singer/songwriter with blues chops.

SRJO: Birth of the Cool — Seattle Repertory Jazz takes on this famous Miles Davis album with astounding new improvisations.

Ben Macy Quartet — Piano legend and his all-star, all-regional quartet.

Anthony Kalil & Vanessa Isiguen — Yakima-launched New York Met opera star tenor and wonderful soprano.

The Mel Brown B-3 Organ Group — Mel has been a drummer for an A-list of Motown artists; swinging B-3 band.

Joe Brooks Quartet — Talented local performers Joe Brooks, Bart Roderick, Jeff Norwood and Don Kinney.

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands — Screaming Trees veteran with an exciting new musical direction.

Buena Vibra Septet — Roll up your rug, turn up the TV and dance the night away: an incomparable salsa band.

The Jacob Joliff Band — A New York-based bluegrass/newgrass band with astounding mandolin; many called it the best concert of the year.

The Paperboys — A permanent video record of why The Paperboys never fail to deliver.

Locarno — An offshoot of the Paperboys concentrating on Mexican folk music from Vera Cruz.

Sempre Chamber Music: Walker & Tchaikovsky — Stunning classical string sextets by a famous composer at the end of his career and a not-so-famous composer at the beginning of his.

Live audience stuff

The Seasons will maintain a limited menu of live concerts at the performance hall. The Gallery and Bistro will remain open with local performers and artists Thursday through Saturday of every week. Live concerts at The Seasons start at 7:30 p.m. for all Thursday-Saturday concerts, 6 p.m. for Sunday concerts.

Y-Pop Alt-Indie Series — Three for Silver on Jan. 22; other dates TBA.

Jazz Silver Series — Dan Balmer Quartet on Jan. 28; other dates TBA.

Blues Series — Chase Craig on Feb. 6; Albert Cummings on March 5; Anna Popovic on March 25; Maria Muldaur on April 14.

Sempre Chamber Music 2022 Series — “Romance” on Feb. 13; “Re-Imagined” on April 3; “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at The Seasons” on May 1.

Jazz Gold Series — Mel Brown B3 Organ Quartet on Feb. 25; Scott Robinson, “Tenormore” on April 3; Brubeck Brothers, “Dave Brubeck Centennial” on May 22; Pink Martini TBA.

More Shows — Tributes to Bad Company, Prince and Aretha Franklin, with more being booked throughout the next few weeks. Go to to see the whole schedule as it develops.

Long-term goals

The outstanding concert series offerings we are putting together, and new concepts in our Bistro and Gallery, will continue to cement The Seasons as a musical mecca for Yakima and its tourists, as well as surrounding communities and our online audience. Here are a few additional long-term goals we hope to realize this year.

More Bistro nights & features — Student and adult jam nights; community/club nights; Sunday Serenade.

Education — Jam nights, free student tickets, more artists-in-the-schools.

Dramatic lighting and sound system improvements throughout The Seasons.

More and better parking access — YMCA secure parking east of The Seasons for VIP tickets. We also offer off-street parking for our audiences in the lot west of Single Hill Brewing. Thanks again to Single Hill and YMCA! See you soon!

• Pat Strosahl is executive director of The Seasons Performance Hall. This column runs every four weeks in SCENE. For more information, go to

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