Details for Public Notice Union Gap Irrigation District and Fowler Ditch Association

Public Notice Union Gap Irrigation District and Fowler Ditch Association will have the herbicides acrolein, Captain (Copper Carbonate) and Nautique (Copper Carbonate) applied to canal waters during the 2018 irrigation season. The purpose of these applications is control of filamentous algae growth and aquatic grasses. This canal is the western canal in the Moxee area and it lies east of the Yakima River. It continues through Union Gap and it serves the area between SVID and Roza ID to its end at Cheyne Rd. north of Zillah. Injection locations are as follows: At the fish screen on Marsh Rd, Terrace Hgts. Cemetery The Moxee drain spill on Beauchene Rd intersection; north of the I-82/Yakima Valley Hwy. overpass; Doornink Skimmer at E. Parker heights Rd, Roza Spill between Konniwac pass and Lombard Loop, at 180 Clark Rd and Gilbert Spill at 31 Gilbert rd., Wapato. Scheduled treatment dates Are as follows: May 1-3: 22-24: June 12-14: July 3-5: 24-26: Aug 14-16: Sept 4-6: 25-27: Keep off posted canal right of ways; keep out of canal waters; do NOT drink canal water. Canal water is safe to use on crops during the application period; growers should not turn off any delivery if they are using water during the week of the application. Notification of application will be done with Danger placards at the injection site. Applicators can be contacted At 930-5407; 945-8112, or 930-5489. The Regional Dept. of Ecology No. is 575-2490. UGID has permit number WAG-991013A; and Aquatic Weed Control NPDES General Permit WAG-991000. (806037) April 15 and June 15, 2018

As published in the Yakima Herald-Republic.