CITY OF SELAH NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: Application: On October 13, 2020, the City of Selah’s Engineer HLA Engineering and Land Surveying, Inc. prepared a State Environmental Policy Act Checklist for the construction of: 1. Wastewater Improvements: These improvements involve the installation of a new 15-inch sewer main in Naches Avenue from Fourth Street to Railroad Avenue. Extend 12-inch main in Fourth Street from existing manhole at the Fourth Street and Fremont Avenue intersection to the new main in Naches Avenue. Extend the main in North Wenas Road from the existing manhole just north of Naches Avenue to tie into this main interceptor. A new sewer main will extend up to the park near Naches Avenue and Hillcrest Drive to connect the existing 12-inch sewer and relieve surcharging throughout the downtown core. Install a new 24-inch sewer main in Rail­ road Avenue from Naches Avenue to the manhole east of Third Avenue; and, 2. Valley view, Third, Southern Improvements: This project consists of the following elements:

a. Reconstruction of approximately 4,200 LF of existing public roadway;

b. Installation of new curb and gutter and sidewalk;

c. New storm drainage facilities designed to meet current Eastern Washington Stormwater Manual requirements;

d. Installation of approximately 2,700 LF of new 12” and 8” sewer main; and

e. New street lighting system:

Project Location: Vicinity of Naches Avenue from Fourth Street to Railroad Avenue and Valley view, Third, and Southern: Tax Parcel Numbers: N/A – Public Right-of-Way: Complete Application: October 14, 2020: File Number: SEPA-2020-007: Approvals, Actions and Required Studies: Environmental Determination: Environmental Review: The City of Selah is the lead agency for this proposal under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The City has reviewed the proposal for probable adverse environmental impacts and expects to issue a Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS). The process in WAC 197-11-355 is being used. The lead agency will not act on this proposal for 14 days. After all comments have been received and considered, a threshold determination will be made. Comments received by 5:00 P.M. October 30, 2020, will be considered in making the determination. A copy will be sent to those who comment or may be obtained upon request. The determination will have specific appeal information and may be appealed within five business days of issuance: A copy of the SEPA Checklist is available on the City of Selah’s website at: Dated this 15th day of October 2020 /s/ Jeff Peters, City Planner, Community Development Supervisor

(962303) October 15, 2020