I finally married the love of my life. In July of 2012, I met Shea at the Fred Meyer where I worked. He was a regular customer who I’d see every day. One day he had the guts to ask for my number and it all started from there. Four years later, on a hot summer day on July 2, 2016, he spontaneously asked me to go with him to Leavenworth. I was so excited to go — it was our second time, not to mention Leavenworth was one of the first places we had traveled as a couple. On the drive he surprised me by playing our favorite songs. Something inside of me was telling me I was in for a surprise but I didn’t exactly know what it was. When we arrived, we went to eat at our favorite restaurant. They serve the best German sausages and our songs were playing in the background. It was a beautiful day.

All of the sudden, Shea said he had a surprise for me. My heart was pounding because I knew he was going to propose. It was as if someone had whispered it in my ear. He asked me to look inside his folded sweatshirt, and there it was — my ring! He said, “Will you marry me?” With no hesitation, I said “Yes!” I made sure to capture everything from that moment in my memory — from the song playing, to the emotions we were experiencing together.

We had our ceremony and reception at Fontaine Estates Winery. The orchard and the overlook were breathtaking, and it was perfect for our Mexican country-themed wedding. When the time came, I walked down the aisle to a special song by Selena Quintanilla. I wanted to surprise Shea with a song — as he surprised me with many before, and it made him teary-eyed. Our family and friends were all gathered, my bridesmaids in their red dresses with their Mexican rebozos. The altar looked like heaven — full of colorful flowers. It was picture perfect.

We added a unique touch — 200 Red Delicious apples for our guests to enjoy at their tables. Our centerpieces were made of real apple tree twigs that consisted of 550 sticks glued together. It took almost half a tree to make them! The colorful flowers made it look even better and we had real grapevines cut from the vineyard.

The venue owner was so sweet — she helped with the decorations and made sure we had everything we needed. It was a very special time because our friends and family also helped decorate and were there to celebrate with us. We were surprised by how perfect everything turned out.

Our cake was from Sweets & Savory of Selah; they provided a variety of flavors and even helped serve the cake. The Mexican food catered by Taco Borracho was delicious. The DJ played great music throughout the night — Jacob at Pristine Entertainment knows what he’s doing. My bridesmaids and I did a surprise special dance. If you’re planning a surprise dance for your wedding, Samantha at Broadway Bound in Selah will teach you some good moves. Our flowers were from Blooming Elegance in Yakima. They have just about any flower you can think of. Lori is very creative and provides decorations as well. And of course everyone loves a good Mariachi Band. We had a great one.

My favorite moment was when I danced with my husband for the first time as newlyweds. I looked him in the eye, and we fell in love all over again! So many great memories were made on this beautiful day and we look forward to so many more to come.