Keegan and I were married June 17, 2017 at my parents’ countryside house in Zillah. We were blessed with the perfect day: overcast, balmy temperatures, no wind, and no rain. Our color scheme was simple: peach, cream, and sage. Our table arrangements were an eclectic display of flower-filled glassware and candles set on burlap, and displayed on birch wood disks. My parents’ large patio served as the area for food and drinks, our cake display, and, of course, the dancing. The food was fabulous – traditional Hawaiian barbeque. Our cake was a simple, two-tiered display set with flowers and filled with raspberry cream. One of my favorite parts of our setup was the aisle we created for the ceremony. It was set with two arbors: one served as the entrance, like the doors of a church, while the other served as the altar at which we were married. Needless to say, everything turned out even more beautiful than I had imagined!

When people ask how we met, we like to say we were each other’s customers. Keegan likes to say I couldn’t take my eyes off his muscles! I first met him at the gym where I work, and after a year or so we started talking a little. Then, to my surprise, I was at my bank and there he was, working behind the counter, ready to help me. Between our two places of work we began to talk more frequently, then spent time outside of work together, started dating, and now find ourselves married.

We know that a wedding is just the beginning of a lifetime together, and so the focus for our big day was simply to celebrate with our family and friends how good our God is and how thankful we are to Him for bringing us together. This being the case, one of the things I cherish most about our wedding was the fact that everyone who helped out – our photographer, our caterer, the cake and floral designers, the coordinator, the music operator, our MC, our pastors, my makeup and hair artists – were either our friends or family members. It was a true honor and blessing to have such special people in our lives be the ones who helped create the beauty of the day.

If I had to pick two of the most special things from our wedding day, they would include a tree and an arbor. The Tree: Nearly six years ago my Grandpa Nobbs passed away and left behind his small cherry orchard of about twenty trees, along with an amazing family legacy. Today, two of those trees remain and they are the trees under which my favorite picture of Keegan and I was taken. In it, the cherries are ripe and the sun is shining through the leaves, almost as if Grandpa is smiling down giving his blessing. The Arbor: The beautiful arbor under which we were married was built by the first man in my life — my dad! Each time I visit my parents’ house and see the arbor, now permanently displayed in the yard, I am reminded of how much I am loved by my dad. These are the memories I will carry with me always.