She’s Jaclyn Mack, and answers to Mack. He’s Scott Klepach, Jr., and he goes by Scott. Mack and Scott met at church where he is an associate pastor, and, unbeknownst to the couple at first, Mack’s fellow Highland School District teacher and friend had it in mind to introduce them by inviting Mack to church. After the two formed a great, collegial friendship, Mack and Scott discovered something more had been brewing all along.

On a fateful day at Silverwood Theme Park – while serving as leaders of a church group outing – their love of Garfield, Shirley Temples, roller coasters (although she’s much braver and adventurous than he is), and each other’s company became undeniable, and their path together was clear from that point forward.

Exactly one year later, on July 8, 2017, Mack and Scott were married at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg. The site has special meaning for the two individually, as she attended many summer camps there as a youth and he volunteered there over the past few years. Lazy F Camp also holds a special place for the two together, as they worked several camps and spent time with family there, especially with Scott’s two children. Mack and Scott felt that it seemed like the perfect destination to share their love of the campground, tacos, and each other with family and friends.

The wedding party and some extra helpers got to enjoy a rustic lodging experience the weekend of the wedding, which included a fire pit with S’mores, cabin planning and dwelling, rehearsal dinner complete with delicious camp food, and the natural delights of the great outdoors nestled in the Manastash Canyon. The ceremony took place in the camp’s outdoor chapel, which features a mosaic cross, wooden stage, amphitheater setting with benches, and a free-flowing creek in the background.

The bride wore a chic, Greek-inspired wedding dress while the groom donned a purple Tartan kilt, offset by an off-white button-down shirt. The bridesmaids wore eggplant purple dresses while the groomsmen sported oatmeal linen shorts and gray, button-down shirts with two-toned deck shoes and purple Tartan neckwear to match the groom’s kilt.

The reception boasted a fun, campy array of options: an on-site taco wagon provided by Tacos Chalito; a selfie booth with costumes and accessories for guests to capture fun moments; a photo memory section to display family members who have passed on; and DJ music and dancing. Guests had the option of staying overnight at the camp in cabins to complete the camp experience.

Mack says that, above all, the ceremony was her favorite memory. “We had such an awesome team of people supporting us that the day was stress-free, and it was just such a relaxed environment,” she said. Scott concurs. “While we had a blast with fun games and delicious tacos, the ceremony was full of special moments,” he said. “It was really a unifying moment, with the people there and the beautiful outdoor chapel bringing all of the elements together.”