Leap into Marriage!

There’s a unique wedding event happening in 2020. February will have 29 days — making it a leap year. Legends Casino Hotel is holding a special “Leap Year Wedding” on the 29th. They tell us they expect scores of couples to attend, some taking their vows for the first time; others renewing them. “I think it’s exciting. It’s different, anytime you hear about a mass wedding,” said Glenna Tyler of Legends, who is organizing the event. Around 100 couples took part the last time they held such an event, in February of 2000.

It is free for newlyweds or renewals and the casino will handle everything except the dress, tux, rings, bouquet and boutonniere. The minister will be provided, along with flowers, cake, wedding decorations, and a photo booth with a photographer who will post pictures online.

February 29 exists to correct a defect in the Western calendar. The earth’s orbit around the sun takes 365.24 days, while the calendar is 365 days. Leap years prevent the calendar from getting out of sync. If we didn’t have leap years, the calendar would be off by 24 days every hundred years or so.

So it comes in pretty handy for keeping things on track. But here’s another bonus for the more forgetful among us: If you get married on a leap year — you only have to remember your anniversary once every four years! Just think of the money you’ll save on jewelry and flowers. Plus you’ll probably have the most unique wedding story of all your friends and relations.

The bride and groom must obtain their marriage license at least three days before the event and must have two witnesses present on the day of the ceremony. (Renewals don’t need witnesses.) Registration forms are due January 31, 2020.

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