Admit it...You were mesmerized by the words ‘Destination Weddingmoon’.  And you’re not the only one.  A growing number of couples are finding out it won’t break the bank to combine a destination wedding with the honeymoon. Destination weddings by nature are smaller and more intimate.  That can lessen the stress of a wedding, and right after you tie the knot – you’re on vacation in a tropical paradise!

When planning a destination wedding to an island locale, there are some things that you have to take into consideration.  If you are going to have a wedding at a resort then you need to make sure you know all of the resort’s requirements for outside vendors.  Many require that the vendors you use are insured, so check with the resort on requirements.   

If you are going with the simple non-resort beach wedding then you’ll need to obtain a beach permit.  If the Hawaiian Islands are your destination choice this is called a Wiki Permit and they run around $20, which is WAY cheaper than a resort wedding, and just as amazing.  You will most likely need insurance coverage and that is pretty easy to get. You will also need a marriage license. In Hawaii it’s around $60.  You and your fiancé will both need to be on the island to apply and receive one, so plan on being at your destination at least two to three days prior to the wedding to ensure you get that license in time.  

The time of year you travel to any tropical island, which island location you choose and how far in advance you book your reservations can all change the cost of your wedding.  Avoid traveling during holidays and the high season to save a ton of money. Another way to save is by leaving on a Wednesday when airfares are cheaper—which gives you two days to get that marriage license should you plan for a weekend wedding.

Weather is also something to take into consideration.  Will it be the rainy season or hurricane season?  If you are planning your wedding for an unpredictable season (and even if you aren’t) you may want to purchase insurance for your wedding.

If you long for a destination wedding but are worried about your guests being able to afford to travel, or think you need to help some guests pay for the trip—don’t! Keep it simple by just having your immediate family or just the two of you. There are options for sharing your wedding with those who cannot attend.  There are companies that will actually live webcast your wedding. Family & friends can watch your wedding right as it’s happening and the prices are reasonable.

Not sure which island is right for you?  Well, the internet makes that part easy!  It all depends on what you are looking for.  Hawaii is very popular these days. One website to check out if you are considering Hawaii is: You can jump to any island and take a virtual tour of any beach.  This website shows you the locations of everything from beaches, hotels, airports and restaurants, to tours & activities.