Write a letter telling us about your recent wedding. Please include both of your names, how you met, your wedding date and location of the ceremony and reception.


The flowers, the food, the favors ... and what made your wedding unique. What is your best memory of the day? Include your address, email and phone number so we can be in touch!


Send 10-15 high-resolution JPEG professional images (300 dpi), (logo and watermark free) that you feel best illustrate you as a couple and the special aspects of the wedding.

Include candid shots, cake, floral shots and anything else that was especially meaningful to you. Please consult with your photographer about your selection. Submit your photos via e-mail or CD. Also, please tell us your wedding photographer's name, phone number and web address so we can give credit for the images. You may also ask your photographer to submit the images - we will give photo credits in the magazine and online.

Remember only professional, high-quality digital images {300 dpi or greater) can be used.

RECENT WEDDINGS: Because we want to feature current weddings, please submit your wedding no more than nine months after your wedding day. Please make a copy of all the materials you submit, as we cannot return them and are not responsible for lost submissions.

Send your complete package to The Yakima Herald-Republic c/o Yakima Valley Bride at P.O. Box 9668, Yakima, WA 98909 or 114 North 4th Street, Yakima 98901 or email to:

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to individually respond to each submission . When you e-mail your images and/or text you are giving permission to Yakima Valley Bride to use your contribution(text and/or photos) in print or on line without remuneration. No copyrights will be transferred.

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