On October 21, 2017, covered in a veil, Chealsae López began her journey towards adulthood by celebrating in style. Her quinceañera dreams floated among abundant fabrics, created by her parents to guide her path with the delicacy, education and support necessary to cross a new bridge.

Chealsae is a young lady with beautiful eyes that shine like small shooting stars that reflect the tender yearnings of a quinceañera. A shower of blessings in the form of rain accompanied her during her celebration. Her mother had predicted it well, "the presence of rain in a special celebration is a sign of luck and fortune."

At the Holy Family Church in the Yakima Valley, relatives and loved ones attended, all of whom waited anxiously for the arrival of the quinceañera. Chealsae entered the church happy and smiling, holding her father's arm. Her eyes glanced at her father, admiring him and thinking inwardly that she was next to the most wonderful man in the world, a loving and exemplary father who would continue to show his respect and affection.

She carried a delicate bouquet of roses and on her head a beautiful crown glittered, worthy of a princess who appears before the eyes of God. The altar was illuminated by her innocent beauty and while the priest offered his sermon, the altarpiece sheltered a cluster of prayers and blessings that reached the sky; deep and sincere thoughts were spoken in her name.

The eyes of Maria, her mother, sparkled with tears that are granted by the happiness of seeing her little girl's happy face, and tears of satisfaction for having worked hard to contribute to her daughter's dream, a dream that she also experienced when she was young.

Quinceañera is a word that echoes in the hearts of girls and women, and covers them with aspirations, even when they are already adults; a celebration that symbolizes the beginning of new challenges and discoveries in the face of an uncertain future.

While Maria was kneeling in front of the altar, the face of Chealsae came to her mind when she was a little girl of three. From such a young age, her daughter always dreamed of having an amazing celebration. That dream continued to strengthen until her special day. At last the moment arrived and, without a doubt, it was wonderful to prepare and organize something so special for her beloved daughter. Fortunately, María and Joél managed to achieve this dream by their own efforts, without the support of anyone else.

For his part, Chealsae’s father felt such emotion that something seemed to squeeze him very hard inside his chest. He admitted to himself that the long days of work had been worthwhile, and he did everything in his power to present his daughter with dignity before society, now a woman. His face was covered with pride and satisfaction as he contemplated the smile of his girl, because for Joél, beautiful Chealsae, would always remain his little girl in the depths of his heart.

The event confirmed the values of the López family, highlighting one of the most precious acts of being human: generosity. The parents of the quinceañera shared their love with the community. Chealsae shared the indescribable experience of becoming a beautiful crystal princess before the 300 guests.

The members of the López family shared the fruits of their labor and showed the importance of giving gifts to others, the importance of their Mexican traditions, the connections to their customs and their gratitude to God for the blessing of having formed such a beautiful and united family. Their work and effort was evident as the food and bread multiplied, as they generously shared with family and friends the wine, the music, and all the beautiful details that lit the spirit of the quinceañera's celebration.

The veils of the wonderful dress waved gently as Chealsae turned and turned to the beat of her first waltz, accompanied first by her father and then by her five chambelanes. It was a dance that portrayed the dreams of a young girl, who from a very young age, imagined wearing her quinceañera dress.

According to the tradition, during the event, Izabella, her younger sister, gifted her a doll, a figure that symbolized part of the last object of her childhood and at the same time opened the door to adolescence. These and many other beautiful images have been engraved in Chealsae's mind. Today, those dreams have become photographs that are recorded and treasured in the memories of the López family.