Lions - Mullins

THANK GOODNESS SHE FOUND A KEEPER! Kaleen Weeks and Robert Lions of Yakima, WA, publicly announce their thanks and gratitude to Cody Mullins, son of Terry and Lori Mullins of Selah, WA, for taking on the challenge of marrying their daughter, Shelby Lions. They all realize the monumental task that Cody has undertaken, and wish him the best of luck. For Cody, it will be a lifetime of cat hair on bedding and clothing, cold nights taking care of horses, and never getting the last cookie or French fry.

Both the bride-to-be and groom met and work at Magic Metals in Yakima, WA, where he works as a welder and she works in reception. A fall wedding is planned at Cascade Gardens in Yakima, WA.