Jody and Bob Wolff

Robert (Bob, Bobby) Arthur Wolff and Jodene (Jody) Marie (Stoffel-Colglazier) Wolff were married at the Terrace Heights estate of Dr. Gary and Billie Martinkus on June 30, 1996.

The couple each have a daughter from previous marriages, Stephanie Kristene Wolff of Phoenix, Arizona, and Chelsie Marie Colglazier of Yakima. Together they have a son, Zane Robert Arthur Wolff, and two grandsons, Kristopher Leo Colglazier and Rayedon Leo Krause, all of Yakima. Bob had a varied career from retail credit management to U.S. Army artillery nuclear weapons officer (Augsburg, Germany) awarded top-secret NATO and CYRPTO clearances, to aerial forward observer (An Khe, Vietnam), shot down four times, three in helicopters auto-rotation hard landings and on fixed-wing Bird-Dog aircraft, down three days before rescue. Assistant mnager of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce, to Washington State Employment Security field representative and human rights investigator, to business management and marketing department head for 25 years at Yakima Valley College. Then to nine years as laboratory manager at AgroFresh Inc. to five years as research and development manager for Zirkle Fruit Co.

Jody started working at Dairy Queen at the age of 14. She was also employed at Bowden’s Auto Parts, Rite Aid as back-up bookkeeper, and assistant manager at Rio Mirada Motel. She then attended YVCC, where she received her early childhood education certificate. Jody was even offered a teaching position at Carroll Children’s Center before she graduated. She moved from teaching preschool to office manager for Dr. Martinkus and Associates for 21 years. After the clinic was sold she chose to stay home, caring for their son and grandsons. Jody was very active in the Yakima Valley Association for the Education of Young, various PTA groups, Oakridge Montessori PTO, and Building Vision, holding multiple board positions. She also volunteered with SKIP (Special Kids Integrated Play).The couple are currently in a transition mode preparing for relocation to the Tucson, Arizona, area to be nearer to relatives.

"My dear Jody, have I told you today that I love you? She shakes her head ‘No’. Well I do, I said. Still?, she questions. Always, I reply. Even now, it was a very good year, Jody I can’t promise to love you for the rest of your life; but Jody I can promise to love you for the rest of mine.” -- Bob

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