Clyde and Ruby Alvey are announcing their 70th wedding anniversary.

Clyde and I grew up in California in a small town near Fresno. We both

attended the same little country school, we were teenagers when we met. I

grew up in a large family -- eight kids -- and so did Clyde. Never a dull moment for either of us!

Clyde was almost 16 when he got his first car, a 1934 Chevy. He paid $75 for it and had $5 left for gas. When he came over to take me for a drive I couldn’t believe it was his car! He came over a lot after that, which was the beginning of our 70 years together. We got married on the 15th of November, 1950. Such a long time ago, but for us it seems very short!

We have four children -- one son and three daughters. We made our big move in March of 1959 from California to Lake Bonney, Washington. Clyde started working for a roofing company in Puyallup. Over time we were blessed with six grandsons.

In 1974 we started our own business installing seamless rain gutters. We were able to retire in 1988. We headed for the sunny side of the state and settled in the Yakima Valley. We have lived here now for 32 years. We have a home overlooking the Yakima River and the beautiful valley in Selah.

Our grandsons have given us three great-grandsons and seven great-granddaughters!

We thank God for our beautiful family, our friends we have made along the way and for all the love we have shared together. 

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