Zillah's Brynn Widner at the Class 1A state tournament. (Evan Abell / Yakima Herald-Republic)


Offensive player of the year: Jason Grant, sr., Toppenish.

Defensive player of the year: Braydon Flood, sr., Zillah.

Coach of the year: Jason Smith, Toppenish.

Sportsmanship: La Salle.


QB: Grant Osborn, sr., Naches Valley. RB: Braydon Flood, sr., Zillah; Timmy Torres, jr., Toppenish. WR: Owen Avila, sr., Zillah; Julian Rodriguez, sr., Naches Valley; Jason Grant, sr., Toppenish; Shane Rivera, jr., Toppenish. OL: Zane Delp, sr., Zillah; Garrett Judd, jr., La Salle; Kanim Sampson, sr., Toppenish; Joshua Luna, jr., Toppenish; Rocco Clark, sr., Toppenish. K: Jorge Espinoza, jr., Zillah. P: Garren Gooler, sr., Naches Valley. RS: Owen Avila, sr., Zillah.


DL: Zane Delp, sr., Zillah; Jesse Benge, jr., Naches Valley; Jared Nunes, sr., Zillah; Ricardo Gonzalez, sr., Toppenish. LB: Braydon Flood, sr., Zillah; Brady Dameron, sr., Zillah; Mitchell Helgert, jr., Naches Valley; Seth Ordaz, jr., Toppenish. DB: Madden Garcia, sr., Zillah; Cash Layman, jr., Zillah; Freddy Robledo, sr., Toppenish; Jason Grant, sr., Toppenish.


QB: Joshua Perez, jr., Toppenish. RB: Ivan Torres, sr., Zillah; Nathan Do, sr., La Salle. WR: Ashton Waldman, sr., Zillah; Enrique Espinoza, sr., Wapato; Garren Gooler, sr., Naches Valley; Nick Cortes Jr., jr., Toppenish. OL: Jesse Benge, jr., Naches Valley; Andrew Juarez, jr., Zillah; Brady Purdy, sr., Zillah; Henry Olsen, sr., Zillah; Brian Strong, fr., Wapato. K: Brandon Flores, fr., Toppenish. P: Joshua Perez, jr., Toppenish. RS: Julian Rodriguez, sr., Naches Valley.


DL: Carlton Massey, sr., Zillah; Kanim Sampson, sr., Toppenish; Dakoda Bauer, sr., Toppenish; Justus Barker, so., La Salle. LB: Joshua Luna, jr., Toppenish; Ulises Macias Delgado, so., Wapato; Ivan Torres, sr., Zillah; Johan Valladares, fr., La Salle. DB: Noah Robles, sr., Naches Valley; Thompson Parrish, sr., Wapato; Owen Avila, sr., Zillah; Joshua Perez, jr., Toppenish.


Offense — QB: Clay Delp, sr., Zillah. RB: Tyron Garcia, sr., Wapato. WR: Izaiah Maldonado, jr., Toppenish; Lehman Xander Hires, sr., Naches Valley. OL: Justus Barker, so., La Salle. Defense — DL: Josiah Hankins, sr., Naches Valley; Andrew Juarez, jr., Zillah. LB: Leo Bentancort, so., Toppenish; Seth Olney, sr., Wapato. DB: Luis Garcia, sr., La Salle.



Player of the year: Brynn Widner, sr., Zillah.

Coach of the year: Wendy Ellis, Zillah.

Sportsmanship: Toppenish.


Mayce Wofford, sr., Zillah; Mia Hicks, so., Zillah; Searra Rodriguez, sr., Wapato; Naylanee Strom, fr., Toppenish; Cassandra Barragan, sr., Naches Valley; Tatum Marang, jr., La Salle; Kaylee Wheeler, jr., La Salle.


Vanessa Chavez, sr., Zillah; Lexie Garza, jr., Wapato; Diana Nunez, sr., Wapato; Mithzy Brizuela, sr., Wapato; Tatiana Camacho, fr., Toppenish; Kylee Jackson, sr., Naches Valley; Hope Saucedo, sr., Naches Valley; Angeles Torres, fr., La Salle.


Bella Hernandez, sr., Zillah; Addison Garza, so., Wapato; Anahi Santacruz, jr., Toppenish; Emily Stout, sr., Naches Valley; Kathryn Snyder, sr., La Salle.



Player of the year: Marisa Badillo, fr., La Salle.

Coach of the year: Barbie Perez, Wapato.

Sportsmanship: Naches Valley.


Stephany Guadarrama, sr., Wapato; Cailey Wells, sr., La Salle; Olivia Alegria, fr., La Salle; Janae Martinez, sr., Wapato; Selene Chavez, sr., Wapato; Sarahi Rojas, jr., Wapato; Taylor Dunbar, sr., Naches Valley; Natalia Verduzco, so., Toppenish; Ana Hernandez, sr., Toppenish; Kadence Ward, sr., Zillah.


Alex Harris, so., Zillah; Jewelisa Landa, fr., Toppenish; Azul Ponce, sr., La Salle; Ana Radillo, sr., La Salle; Hailey Price, jr., La Salle; Gabby Paniagua, so., La Salle; Janey Macias, so., Naches Valley; Jorja Barbee, so., Naches Valley; Ariana Sanchez, jr., Wapato; Sandra Martinez, jr., Toppenish; Brooke Gaytan, fr., La Salle; Talina White, jr., La Salle.


Maelyn Jewett, fr., Naches Valley; Damaris Navarro, sr., Wapato; Raven Zavala, fr., Zillah; Irene Peters, jr., Wapato.

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I miss the sports page that used to cover our local athletes. YHR did a wonderful job of show casing our local teams and athletes. I am sympathic for the challenging financial times the newspaper is facing but it's important to give readers what they enjoy. Please consider returing to covering our local teams and athletes

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