Brian Van Dyke in "Father of the Bride"

Brian Van Dyke plays the title character in the Warehouse Theatre Company's "Father of the Bride," opening this weekend.

Normally a Warehouse Theatre Company premiere makes the cover of On magazine.

So does the Moxee Hop Festival. And the opening of Mighty Tieton’s annual 10x10x10Tieton Exhibition.

But this is not a normal week. This is the week when we have an honest-to-God music icon in town. Robert Cray, who plays the Capitol Theatre tonight is five-time Grammy winner who dominates the blues charts every time he puts out an album. So we put him on the cover and put those other very worthy things in our 10 Days Out briefs.

So, in lieu of the weekly On Blog Pick of the Week, I’m writing this post just to highlight the fact that the Yakima Valley has A LOT going on this weekend. You can’t miss with any of these events. Consider them co-Picks of the Week.

The details:

• The Warehouse production of “Father of the Bride” won me over as soon as I saw the poster. Brian Van Dyke, who plays the titular father, is such an expressive actor, I actually said aloud, “Oh, he’s going to be good in that.” Lots of other first-rate local players involved, too. It opens tonight at 7:30 p.m. and runs at the same time Saturday with subsequent shows set for the same time Aug. 13-15 and Aug. 20-22. Tickets are $17.50, $15 for students and seniors, 509-966-0951,

• The Moxee Hop Festival is among the Yakima Valley’s longest-running annual events. The daytime events are free and family-friendly. Then, at night, the beer garden turns into a massive dance party with live music. There’s music all throughout the day, though, including On mag favorites Shoot Jake and Pastel Motel. The festival opens at 5 p.m. today and continues till half past midnight. On Saturday it’s 7 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. For information visit

10x10x10xTieton is one of my favorite annual exhibits. I’m always fascinated by the way an arbitrary limit (all pieces must be less than 10 inches in every dimension) spurs creativity. This year’s works were selected from more than 900 submissions nationwide. The show opens with a reception from noon to 5 p.m. at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse, 608 Wisconsin Ave. in Tieton. For information visit

See? That’s a lot of great stuff. I don’t care which of them you go to this weekend, but do yourself a favor and go to at least one of them.