Every high school has that one “It Couple.”

At first, it’s cute to see how two different people who you never thought would date start dating. They go out for a couple of months, and everything is normal. But what is amazing is how some couples are in a relationship for two, three years or maybe even all throughout high school.

Raegan Ramynke, 16, and Logan Church, 17, are juniors at East Valley High School. They have been together for more than four years, since Sept. 1, 2008, when they were in seventh grade. They have been best friends ever since.

During the summer after sixth grade, Logan asked Raegan out.

“I called her on the phone the day before school started,” he says, “and I was really nervous.”

Every day in high school, couples are seen in the hallways leaning against lockers, smiling, laughing and just enjoying their time together.

But rarely do you see a couple in high school that can actually understand each other and know how to become a perfect pair.

“We balance each other out in every way,” says Logan. “She’s the smartest, most beautiful girl or person I’ve ever met or seen, always there for me and loves me lots. Best friend anyone could ever have.”

Raegan and Logan don’t see any faults in each other, and that’s what they believe is one of the many reasons they are still together.

When the question comes to marriage, the answer is a definite yes from both of them. Even friends say they see them getting married.

“They say we are pretty much already married, that we make a really good couple,” says Raegan. “He’s comfortable, committed and loving.”

Although the option of marriage is a yes, they don’t plan on going to the same college. Both have different interests for jobs and schools and don’t see any conflict with going different paths.

“School-wise, neither of us have one specific thing planned out,” says Raegan. But both plan on going to a college in the state. Logan is looking to going into law, and Raegan plans on going into the medical field.

They both trust and remain loyal to each other. Within the four-year span of being in a relationship, they’ve had many great moments.

Some of their best memories are going to Seattle for the Underground Tour and “just being in different places together,” says Raegan. “Pretty much any time we’ve just hung out together.”

One of the most recent trips they took was to Disneyland with their moms last summer, which Raegan says “was one of the best vacations I’ve had.”

Adds Logan: “Way too many to count, and more to come.”

But all those experiences are second to one thing.

“The craziest thing we have done is fall for each other,” continues Logan. “It seems like we are not really a likely couple because we’re so different, and that’s what makes it crazy.”

Those differences, Logan explains, include their tastes in sports, music and movies. But they’re also different in how they think things through.

“I have to have everything planned and set and he is more relaxed, go with the flow,” Raegan says. “But that helps us balance each other.”

In high school, love happens. Sometimes it’s real, and sometimes it’s just an illusion.

But when couples like Reagan and Logan are leaning against lockers, smiling and laughing, you can really feel the amount of love and respect in the air.

• Jasmine Randhawa is a junior at East Valley High School and a member of the Yakima Herald-Republic’s Unleashed journalism program for high school students.