Guys and girls sometimes see Valentine’s Day differently, but not always. Chocolates and stuffed animals are things that girls like. You wouldn’t think that guys would like the same, but they do. From the perfect date to the perfect place, Valentine’s Day is a time to show loved ones that you truly do care about them.

To find out the different perspectives of Valentine’s Day, it’s good to hear from males and females — some who are dating, and others who don’t.

“For me it’s the lovey-dovey stuff, but it’s a day to tell your loved ones you love them,” said Eisenhower High School sophomore Shania Bergez, who is in a relationship.

Being with the people you love the most is the best part of Valentine’s Day, but many still like giving gifts.

“I would give my boyfriend a rose or a stuffed animal,” said Bergez.

For Valentine’s Day, people dream about having the perfect day. Whether it’s going to a dinner with your date or just staying home, it’s nice to spend time together.

For Bergez, that means being “with my boyfriend or family out in the nice quiet country.”

Guys, on the other hand, aren’t much different from girls. They seem to enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as girls do.

Highland High School sophomore David Cappa says getting to spend time with the one you love is the best thing about Valentine’s Day.

For guys, it’s easy to get a gift for the girl.

“Flowers, chocolates, maybe take her to dinner,” said Cappa.

Sometimes when you live far away from the one you love you don’t always get to see each other. Far distances are sometimes the issue, especially if you don’t have a car and can’t drive yet. But some people are thinking about things they would do if they were able to see that special person.

“If I was able to see my girlfriend, we would just go to the movies or out to dinner,” said Cappa. “We probably won’t get to see each other because of distance. She lives in Yakima and I live in Tieton. I know that’s not far, but when you can’t drive it is.”

For those who aren’t dating, Valentine’s Day is a little different. Single girls sometimes hate it but others embrace it and just spend time with friends.

“For me it’s pretty much an ordinary day,” said Eisenhower High School sophomore Cami Brandt. “Although I enjoy seeing couples give gifts, it shows how sweet and kind people can be when it comes to the ones they love. It also gives me a reason to show my friends and family how much I love them.”

Valentine’s Day is also an occasion simply for friends to give each other gifts.

“I would get them something that has meaning behind it,” said Brandt. “Either something that is part of a joke we share or something that has a deep meaning to both of us.”

What gift would Brandt like to receive herself?

“Stuffed animal. I don’t like chocolate.”

Guys who aren’t part of a couple can have a little different view of Valentine’s Day than their female counterparts or people in a relationship.

“It’s a normal day,” said Wilson Middle School seventh-grader Anthony Bergez, who is Shania Bergez’s younger brother.

Seventh-graders may still have a few years ahead of them to get to know more about the dating department and what Valentine’s Day is like. Most boys at that age aren’t too into romance, but still know what to get someone for Valentine’s Day.

“A stuffed animal is what I would get someone I like,” said Anthony Bergez.

Whether in a relationship or not, many people still love Valentine’s Day.

“I enjoy it because it’s nice seeing people love each other instead of fighting and arguing,” said Brandt. “I think it’s nice we have a day to reflect on how we care for people.”

Going someplace expensive isn’t always necessary. On Valentine’s Day, some people just enjoy being around ones who love them. As Brandt notes, this can be as simple as “going to the park and talking” and “just spending time with that special person.”

Even so, going somewhere extravagant can be nice on a special day. Many dating couples think about the ideal places they would like to be on Valentine’s Day.

“Australia or Hawaii,” Cappa says.

“Hawaii,” said Brandt.

So, while girls and guys do have some similar thoughts about Valentine’s Day, and may like and want the same kind of things, their perspectives do vary. Valentine’s Day is a day to show the people important in your life that you love them. Also, for those in a relationship, it’s a special occasion to spend time with that special person. Even those who are single can still enjoy Valentine’s Day with friends and family.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the most important day of the year, but it’s a day that you can show people you care about them.

• Stephanie Carman is a sophomore at Eisenhower High School and a member of Yakima Herald-Republic’s Unleashed journalism program for high school students.