So you don’t want to buy your teenager another hand-held device that offers noise and bright, flashy screens. You can always try good, traditional books.

“What?! My teenager reading?” you might say. But yes, despite all the available technology, many teens are reading some pretty exciting and substantive novels these days.

Here are some books to consider for filling those stockings this Christmas.

“The Fault in Our Stars,” by John Green

Hazel Grace Lancester doesn’t socialize with kids her age too much. She has terminal thyroid cancer but has been miraculously surviving for the last three years.

She meets 17-year-old Augustus Waters at a kids’ cancer support group.

They form an incredible friendship and share adventures before tragedies strike.

“The Fault in Our Stars” was published in January by Dutton Juvenile. It’s available in hardcover for $17.99.

— Nicole Jevons, West Valley High School

The “Divergent” series, by Veronica Roth

You’ve finished the “Harry Potter,” “Twilight,” and the “Hunger Games” series, so what do you read now? Try looking for the “Divergent” trilogy. A new series written by Veronica Roth, the story has echoes of “The Giver” and “Hunger Games.”

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where five countries sit on the brink of war. So far only the first two books, “Divergent” and “Insurgent,” have come out, but the third should be out in 2013. To get swept up in this exciting joy ride of a book, go to any bookstore or online retailer.

Both books were published by Katherine Tegen Books. “Divergent” is available in paperback for $9.99, and “Insurgent” was published in October in hardcover for $19.99.

— Hannah McFadden, Eisenhower High School

“Plain Truth,” by Jodi Picoult.

“Plain Truth” is a great book about a scandal that takes place in an Amish community. Entertainment Weekly calls this book “Absorbing and affecting,” and I fully agree.

Published in 2007 by Washington Square Press, “Plain Truth” is available in paperback for $16.

“Where She Went,” by Gayle Forman.

This is a sequel to the New York Times’ best-seller “If I Stay,” which came out in 2010. Written by Gayle Forman, “Where She Went,” released this year, is an intriguing book about love, grief and hope.

Both titles were published by Speak and retail for $8.99.

— Audrey Navarro, Toppenish High School