The Golden Bull has been the only restaurant offering Chinese food in Selah since it opened on First Street in 2011. And owners Franky and Suzanne Lee do a decent job representing the cuisine.

Open for lunch and dinner six days a week, the Golden Bull offers both a lunch buffet and menu dining. On a recent trip, my husband and I went for the buffet. At $7.50 per person, it’s a deal.

Smaller than your average buffet, Golden Bull offers the makings for an American green salad — with potato and macaroni salad — on one side, and the basics of Chinese on the other: egg flower soup, sweet-and-sour chicken, sesame chicken, egg rolls, rice, chow mein, etc.

The food was kept hot and steaming through the lunch hour during our visit, and everything we sampled was tasty. The major downside: Nothing was labeled, so we sort of guessed at what some items might be. There was a crab cakelike vegetable patty we couldn’t identify, but it was still pretty good. And we assumed most of the meat was chicken, but it could have easily been pork.

With only 10 items, many of them sides, the size of the buffet was at first a bit off-putting, but it is all-you-can-eat, and having the options limited to popular favorites left us satisfied without tumbling into the buffet trap of trying something new and not really liking it, then feeling bad for throwing it away.

Like the buffet, the menu is small but complete, offering your standard meals in combinations for about $10. The price of Golden Bull was one of its most appealing factors. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch, it’ll satisfy your Chinese craving better than the Safeway deli.

Golden Bull Chinese Restaurant

Location: 106 N First St., Selah.

Phone: 509-698-5001.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays-Fridays.