— Herman Herrera (Grandview, sr.) 11.13, Sterling Clark (Prosser, sr.) 11.25, Briley Cameron (Goldendale, jr.) 11.26, Isaac Messenger (Goldendale, sr.) 11.30, Josh Quicksall (Cle Elum, sr.) 11.45.

Herrera and Clark rank 2-3 among CWAC returners behind Ephrata’s Jonathan Green. With Cameron and Messenger, expect Goldendale to have a standout 4x100.

— Herman Herrera (Grandview, sr.) 23.30, Briley Cameron (Goldendale, jr.) 23.35, Sergio Reyna (East Valley, jr.) 23.42, Sterling Clark (Prosser, sr.) 23.58, Luis Leon (Eisenhower, so.) 23.61.

Herrera, Reyna and Clark rank 2-3-4 among CWAC returners, also chasing behind Ephrata’s state champion. Leon has moved to Eisenhower from West Valley.

— Drew Schreiber (Eisenhower, jr.) 50.87, Sergio Reyna (East Valley, jr.) 51.45, Clinton Olivas (East Valley, sr.) 52.01, Sterling Clark (Prosser, sr.) 52.22, Noah Henn (West Valley, jr.) 52.45.

Schreiber’s speciality is the 800 but he has the speed for a sub-50 quarter. Reyna and Olivas give EV a shot at a dangerous 4x400. Henn was at La Salle last year.

— Drew Schreiber (Eisenhower, jr.) 1:52.90, Rogelio Bahena (Davis, sr.) 1:58.61, Gage Benner (Eisenhower, jr.) 2:03.39, Braeden Rehfield (Eisenhower, sr.) 2:03.71, Jesus Medina (Eisenhower, jr.) 2:03.82.

Notes: Schreiber, third in the 4A state 800 last year behind two seniors, is already ninth on the Valley’s all-time list with two full seasons to go. Bahena is the CBBN’s No. 2 returner.

— Jesus Medina (Eisenhower, jr.) 4:31.01, Gage Benner (Eisenhower, jr.) 4:32.40, Justin Irvine (West Valley, jr.) 4:34.56, David Eisenhauer (Riverside Christian, so.) 4:38.0h, Jose Marin (Kittitas, jr.) 4:38.59.

Medina and Benner are the top returners in the new CBBN, which had four at 4:15 or faster last year. Eisenhauer was a double 2B state qualifier as a freshman.

— Matt Schwittay (La Salle, sr.) 10:01.11, Carter Svendsen (Eisenhower, sr.) 10:02.39, Brian Islas (Davis, sr.) 10:04.01, Jack Espinoza (Highland, sr.) 10:04.81, Ben Mahony (Eisenhower, so.) 10:09.91.

Schwittay and Espinoza recorded their junior bests in the 1A state meet last year. Schwittay just missed the 2A state podium in cross country for Selah.

— Jordan DeSanto (Riverside Christian, sr.) 15.44, Elijah Pena (Sunnyside, jr.) 15.67, Anthony Heard (Davis, so.) 15.94, Braden Sunwold (West Valley, jr.) 16.03, Eric Amaro (Sunnyside, sr.) 16.12.

DeSanto placed fourth in the 2B state meet as a junior. Pena, who won the 55 hurdles in Saturday’s Ike Jamboree, and Heard rank 2-3 among CBBN returners.

— Elijah Pena (Sunnyside, jr.) 41.74, Jordan DeSanto (Riverside Christian) 42.12, David Vargas (La Salle, sr.) 43.21, Daniel Whitmore (Naches Valley, jr.) 43.1h, King Harvin (Davis, sr.) 44.03.

: Pena, who ranked fourth among the state’s 3A sophomores last season, has the top time with CBBN veterans. DeSanto looks to make the 2B state podium twice.

— Jake Callaghan (Naches Valley, sr.) 56-01/4, Elijah Payer (Wapato, sr.) 44-3, Daniel Villanueva (Davis, sr.) 43-10, Reggie Chumley (Zillah, jr.) 42-11/2, Juan Melgoza (Wapato, sr.) 41-93/4.

Callaghan, a two-time 1A state runner-up, sits seventh on the Valley’s all-time list and will aim for Bill Buchanan’s 56-year-old record of 60-7. Lyle-Wishram sophomore Gabe Montoya, who played baseball last year, threw 45-01/2 last week.

— Adrian Villasenor (Toppenish, sr.) 140-1, Jake Callaghan (Naches Valley, sr.) 132-0, Adrian Gutierrez (Mabton, sr.) 129-2, Ruben Perez (Zillah, so.) 125-3, Jason Glenn (Ellensburg, jr.) 125-2.

Villasenor and Glenn rank 3-4 among CWAC returners. Callaghan is eager to break through in the discus and be a 1A state contender here as well. Perez opened last week at 127-0 to win the Ike Jamboree.

— Eric Amaro (Sunnyside, sr.) 178-7, James Swanson (West Valley, sr.) 167-3, Mitchell Millsap (Cle Elum, sr.) 155-2, Josh Chronister (Highland, sr.) 151-8, Herman Herrera (Grandview, sr.) 149-0.

Three-sport standout Amaro is a two-time 3A state qualifier who just missed the podium last year, placing ninth. He hit 172-4 last week. Moving down from 3A, Swanson becomes the CWAC’s top veteran.

— Cameron Rath (Selah, sr.) 6-2, Jesse McDaniel (Kittitas, sr.) 6-0, Ethan Hibbs (Prosser, jr.) 5-10, Tim Lambert (Klickitat, jr.) 5-10, Micah Tranch (Riverside Christian, so.) 5-10, Jesse Berumen (Kittitas, jr.) 5-10, Eduardo Salmeron (Sunnyside, sr.) 5-10.

Notes: After four straight clearances at 6-0 in April, Rath topped 6-2 in all three of his postseason meets last year and placed seventh at 2A state.

— Eduardo Salmeron (Sunnyside, sr.) 21-0, Matt Bennett (Ellensburg, sr.) 20-9, Isaac Messenger (Goldendale, sr.) 20-81/2, Ty Poole (Kittitas, sr.) 20-61/2, Tyler McIrvin (Kittitas, jr.) 20-21/2.

Salmeron has jumped 21 feet in each of the last two years. Bennett is the CWAC’s top returner, Messenger paces the SCAC and Poole and McIrvin are both returners 2B state placers. Watch out for East Valley freshman Jeremy Bade, who won the Ike Jamboree at 19-6.

— Isaac Messenger (Goldendale, sr.) 44-01/2, Eduardo Salmeron (Sunnyside, sr.) 43-2, Sergio Lugo (Sunnyside, sr.) 40-10, Travis Frymier (Eisenhower, sr.) 40-7, Braydon Shields (West Valley, jr.) 39-5.

Notes: Messenger was the Valley leader last year and is state’s top 1A returner after placing fourth at state. Salmeron, Lugo and Frymier rank 1-2-3 among CBBN returners.

— Colton Peyser (Selah, jr.) 12-9, Peter Clinton (Bickleton, sr.) 12-6, Andy Rodriguez (Grandview, jr.) 11-0, Derek Deleon (East Valley, so.) 11-0, Isaiah Sanders (Prosser, so.) 11-0, Zeb Eilers (Kittitas, sr.) 11-0.

Notes: Peyser is the CWAC’s top returner thanks to Quincy and its two 14-footers going down to 1A. Clinton placed second at 1B state last year and third as a sophomore.


— Tierney Silliman (West Valley, so.) 12.31, Carlee Creager (Cle Elum, sr.) 12.68, Tracey Bautista (Davis, sr.) 12.76, Lindsay Burns (West Valley, sr.) 12.85, Delaney Romero (Naches Valley, sr.) 13.04.

Silliman placed sixth in the 3A state meet and was the state’s top freshman in that class before dropping down to 2A. Creager was third in the 1A state final and should get a push in the SCAC with the return of Romero, a 1A state qualifier as a freshman.

— Tierney Silliman (West Valley, so.) 25.71, Carlee Creager (Cle Elum, sr.) 26.09, Lindsay Burns (West Valley, sr.) 26.10, Tracey Bautista (Davis, sr.) 26.17, Kelcie Russell (Ellensburg, sr.) 26.58.

Silliman’s time ranks her third among the state’s 2A returners. Creager finished her 1A state double in fourth. Bautista is a four-year varsity veteran who won the CBBN 100 district title as a sophomore.

— Lindsay Burns (West Valley, sr.) 55.74, Amber Reiber (Selah, jr.) 58.89, Kolby Childers (Prosser, sr.) 59.10, Sheila Silvas (Davis, sr.) 1:00.19, Lindsay Clerf (Kittitas, so.) 1:00.73.

Burns, the second-fastest 400 runner in Valley history, returns fit and ready after a season lost to a knee injury. Reiber and Childers ranked 1-2 in the CWAC last year but Burns changes that landscape in a hurry.

— Sydney Allen (Davis, jr.) 2:22.44, Valerie Vogt (Trout Lake-Glenwood, sr.) 2:25.73, Allie McGree (La Salle, sr.) 2:26.82, Sheccid Arreola (East Valley, jr.) 2:27.73, Kolby Childers (Prosser, sr.) 2:28.68.

Notes: Allen clocked her 2:22 in early April before being slowed by injury. McGree is a three-time 1A and 2B state qualifier.

— Valerie Vogt (Trout Lake-Glenwood, sr.) 5:24.46, Sydney Allen (Davis, jr.) 5:29.38, Samantha Gil (Eisenhower, jr.) 5:29.44, Elise Tello (Eisenhower, jr.) 5:30.85, Amber Nickerson (Ellensburg, sr.) 5:31.74.

Vogt has placed first, second and third in this race at the 1B state meet and has racked up 10 state medals. Zillah freshman Alexis Redfield won the 1,000 at last week’s Ike Jamboree.

— Elise Tello (Eisenhower, jr.) 11:25.41, Valerie Vogt (Trout Lake-Glenwood, sr.) 12:01.05, Tori Klein (Eisenhower, sr.) 12:03.23, Rachel Farris (Ellensburg, jr.) 12:09.49, Grace Whitmer (Davis, so.) 12:26.69.

Tello, the area’s best cross country runner by a minute last fall, is the CBBN’s top returner with state track experience. Vogt is a three-time 1B state runner-up.

— Akaisha Charlton (Ellensburg, sr.) 16.17, Beth Wise (Zillah, sr.) 16.54, Devin Simpson (Eisenhower, jr.) 17.1h, April Soelberg (Riverside Christian, sr.) 17.43, Cassie Riel (La Salle, jr.) 17.46.

Charlton was unbeaten in CWAC meets and district champion as a junior. Wise, a 1A state placer, edged Simpson last week in the Ike Jamboree over 55 meters.

— Madison Moffat (Ellensburg, so.) 47.83, Brittany Broersma (Sunnyside, jr.) 49.12, Beth Wise (Zillah, sr.) 49.87, April Soelberg (Riverside Christian, sr.) 50.3h, Akaisha Charlton (Ellensburg, sr.) 50.65.

Moffat was the state’s second-fastest freshman in 2A last year and is likely to play a part in another high-quality Ellensburg 4x400.

— Ashley Sabin (Kittitas, sr.) 33-3, Rachel Bush (Eisenhower, so.) 33-01/2, Alyssum Reno (Kittitas, jr.) 32-21/2, Keiley Greenlaw (Thorp, jr.) 32-1, Chelsey Bennett (West Valley, sr.) 31-4.

Sabin and Reno were both 2B state qualifier last year. Sunnyside’s Kendall Platsman won the Ike Jamboree last week at 32-2 with Reno second.

— Claire Goins (Eisenhower, sr.) 118-1, Samantha Fate (Wapato, sr.) 113-4, Brooke Brown (Eisenhower, sr.) 108-1, Jamila Shafer (Grandview, jr.) 102-6, Sarah Roberts (Riverside Christian, sr.) 101-1.

Notes: Brown and Goins finished 1-2 last week in the Ike Jamboree. Fate was unbeaten in CWAC meets and district champion as a junior.

— Brooke Brown (Eisenhower, sr.) 137-9, Nicole Nobbs (Riverside Christian, so.) 130-8, Deanna Avalos (La Salle, jr.) 130-4, Lara Parsons (Klickitat, sr.) 121-1, KC Andrus (Cle Elum, sr.) 120-0.

Brown owns the state’s No. 2 returning mark overall and has already reached 127-0 in her first meet. Nobbs was the state’s top freshman last year and Avalos was the 1A state runner-up.

— Kelcie Russell (Ellensburg, sr.) 5-2, Lindsay Clerf (Kittitas, so.) 5-2, Ava Tolcacher (Prosser, sr.) 5-0, Ryane Holmes (Davis, so.) 5-0, Emily Seaman (Zillah, jr.) 5-0.

Russell, a two-time 2A state qualifier, was unbeaten in CWAC meets and the district champion last year. Clerf tied for second at the 2B state meet as a freshman.

— Lindsay Burns (West Valley, sr.) 18-41/4, Karla Martinez (Davis, sr.) 16-11, Kailee Wood (Selah, sr.) 16-11, Samantha Herzog (East Valley, sr.) 16-6, Bridgette Wichterman (Ellensburg, jr.) 16-2, Delaney Romero (Naches Valley, sr.) 16-2.

Burns was a two-time 3A state placer before her knee injury. Martinez is the CBBN’s No. 2 returner. Wood, the CWAC’s volleyball MVP, placed sixth in the 2A state meet.

— Karla Martinez (Davis, sr.) 34-93/4, Lindsay Burns (West Valley, sr.) 34-61/2, Sydney Mercer (Prosser, sr.) 33-6, Emily Seaman (Zillah, jr.) 32-101/2, Shaliyah Johnson (Wapato, so.) 32-10.

Martinez owns the CBBN’s top returning mark. Mercer was a 2A state qualifier last year with the CWAC’s best mark. Seaman was the SCAC West champ last year.

— Taylor Wicht (Selah, jr.) 10-0, Serena Streich (West Valley, jr.) 9-0, Jamie Venema (Bickleton, sr.) 9-0, Mackenzie Davis (Prosser, sr.) 8-6, Geordan Skyles (Sunnyside, sr.) 8-6.

Wicht was 3-0 in CWAC meets, second at district and tied the school record at regionals last year. Venema is the reigning 1B state champion.