Jan. 15 update

As always with the beginning of January, the last two weeks have been extremely busy on the mats. The Westberg tourney provided most of the local highlights on Jan. 12 while Wapato and Grandview hosted tourneys on Jan. 5. Barajas and Salcedo are back and in solid form as we head into the final weeks of the regular season. I’ll update the rankings in a week on Jan. 22.


1, Omar Gomez, Wapato, jr. (23-5).

2, Homer Romero, Sunnyside, jr.

3, Paco Marin, Kittitas, so.

Notes: All three were at Westberg. Gomez 3rd at 3-1 with a 9-3 win over Marin, Romero went 4-0 for 1st in his 106 debut (no head-to-head with Gomez) and Marin was 2-2. … Gomez 2nd at Wapato (113). … Marin 1st at Warden.


1, Jesse Barajas, Sunnyside, jr. (8-0).

2, Ricky Almaguer, Granger, jr.

3, Carlos Hernandez, Toppenish, sr..

Notes: Barajas 1st at Westberg outscoring opponents 54-3 (2-tf, 2-md). … Almaguer 1st at Mercer Island.


1, Victor Almaguer, Granger, so. (15-1).

2, Santos Guerrero, Sunnyside, sr.

3, Juan Lopez, Davis, sr.

Notes: Almaguer 2nd at Mercer Island. … Guerrero 3rd at Westberg, d. Lopez in dual 3-1. … Lopez 1st at Central Kitsap.


1, Joshua Salcedo, Granger, sr. (6-0).

2, Andres Tereza, Highland, sr.

3, Anthony Chavez, Sunnyside, so.

Notes: Salcedo 1st at Mercer Island. … Tereza 1st at Wapato (tf, pin, md, md). … Chavez 1st at Westberg (3 pins, 17-12 final).


1, Jessy Gonzales, Zillah, sr. (25-1).

2, Vicente Mireles, Mabton, sr.

3, Joey Escobar, Toppenish.

Notes: Gonzales 1st at Wapato (138, md, pin, md). … Mireles 1st at Grandview. … Escobar 1st at Wapato (dec, pin, pin, 12-5 final).


1, Cortes Hernandez, Zillah, sr. (24-4).

2, Joesiah Saunders, Grandview, jr.

3, Brent Evans, Toppenish, so.

Notes: Hernandez 2nd at Wapato (145). … Saunders 1st at Foss, 1st at Grandview, d. Ergeson 3-1 in dual at 145. … Evans 3rd at Wapato (145), d. Ergeson 6-4 in dual.


1, Diego Hernandez, Zillah, so. (17-3).

2, Kody Ergeson, Selah, sr.

3, Noe Palomino, Sunnyside, jr.

Notes: Ergeson 1st at Westberg (pin, tf, pin, 7-2), lost close duals to Saunders, Evans. … Palomino 3rd at Westberg.


1, Shane McMurray, Zillah, sr. (24-3).

2, Logan Merkle, East Valley, jr.

3, Sam Romero, Sunnyside, sr.

Notes: McMurray 3rd at Wapato (160). … Merkle 1st at Westberg (dec, pin, dec), 2nd at Wapato, 3-0 in duals.


1, Andrew Au, Selah, sr. (20-6).

2, Brandon Marquez, Mabton, jr.

3, Ramon Hernandez, Sunnyside, sr.

Notes: Au 2nd at Westberg, 2-0 in duals. … Marquez 2nd at Grandview (152). … Hernandez DNP at Westberg (1-2).


1, Anton Yates, East Valley, sr. (23-0).

2, Andres Acevedo, Eisenhower, sr.

3, Jim Myers, Zillah, sr.

Notes: Yates 1st at Westberg (pin, dec, pin), 1st at Wapato (182, tf, pin, pin), 3-0 in duals. … Acevedo DNP at Westberg (2-2, 160), 2nd at Wapato. … Myers 3rd at Wapato, 3-0 in duals.


1, Zach Goodpaster, Selah, sr. (22-6).

2, Daniel Avalos, Sunnyside, jr.

3, Ricardo Rodriguez, Wapato, sr.

Notes: Goodpaster 2nd at Westberg, 2-0 in duals. ... Avalos 3rd at Westberg. … Rodriguez 5th at Westberg, 2nd at Wapato.


1, Abidan Duarte, Granger, sr. (18-4).

2, Jason Glenn, Ellensburg, jr.

3, Eli Galeno, Granger, jr.

Notes: Duarte 2nd at Mercer Island. … Glenn 2nd at Westberg, 2-0 in duals at 220 (d. Pech 2-1). … Galeno 5th at Mercer Island, 2-0 in duals at 220.


1, Austin Carmen, Sunnyside, jr. (7-4).

2, Raul Pech, Toppenish, sr.

3, Jay Skeen, Selah, sr.

Notes: Wounded class – No. 1 Robert Koch done for season with injury and Carmen on the mend. … Pech 1-1 in duals, lost 2-1 to Glenn but p. Skeen. … Skeen 3rd at Westberg.


1, Pedro Recondo, Selah, sr. (16-6).

2, Jerry Atkins, Zillah, sr.

3, Robert Luna, Toppenish, jr.

Notes: Crazy mix of results to start year. Recondo 2nd at Westberg, but was pinned by Luna in dual. … Luna had the impressive pin but fell 5-3 to Atkins in Wapato final.


100: Marizza Birrueta, Grandview, so. (1st at Foss, MVP; 1st at Grandview, MVP).

106: Cynthia Montiel, Toppenish, sr.

112: Mary Ellen Gutierrez, Mabton, sr. (d. Gonzalez 4-2 in OT at 112).

118: Kayla Gonzalez, Sunnyside, jr.

124: Jazmin Mendoza, Mabton, sr.

130: Desiree Zavala, Grandview, fr.

137: Jesenia Meza, Mabton, jr.

145: Alejandra Rodriguez, Granger, so.

155: Amanda Bazan, Sunnyside.

170: Jessica Cardenas, Sunnyside, so.

190-235: No info.

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