Jan. 1 update

It was a busy holiday season highlighted by big tournaments at Hanford and Eastmont last week. We jump right back into it on Saturday (Jan. 5) with tournaments at Wapato, Grandview and Naches Valley. I’ve tried to keep up with season records for the top guys, but if it looks like I missed something let me know. And I’ve added girls rankings below, although results are a bit sketchy. Should have the next rankings out on Jan. 14.


1, Omar Gomez, Wapato, jr. (16-3).

2, Paco Marin, Kittitas, so.

3, David Peterson, Highland, so.

Notes: Gomez 1st at Winter Cup (pin, 7-2, 8-4). … Marin 1st at Pomeroy. … Peterson 2-2 at Battle at Beasley.


1, Jesse Barajas, Sunnyside, jr. (3-0).

2, Victor Almaguer, Granger, so.

3, Carlos Hernandez, Toppenish, sr..

Notes: This has quickly become the toughest class in the Valley. Barajas season debut 1st at Winter Cup (pin, pin, d. teammate Romero 5-2 in final). … Hernandez 1st at Best of the West (pin, 13-2, pin, d. Anson 12-10 in final).


1, Ricky Almaguer, Granger, jr. (14-2).

2, Juan Lopez, Davis, sr.

3, Diego Castaneda, Grandview, fr.

Notes: Almaguer 2nd at Royal (lost 4-3 in final to Judd, Lakeside). … Lopez 5th at PacCoast. … Castaneda 2-2 at Sierra Nevada.


1, Andres Tereza, Highland, sr. (15-4).

2, Anthony Chavez, Sunnyside, so.

3, David Castaneda, Grandview, jr.

Notes: Tereza 4th at Battle at Beasley. … Chavez 1st at Winter Cup (pin, pin, 7-0, 11-2). … Castaneda 1-2 at Sierra Nevada.


1, Jessy Gonzales, Zillah, sr. (14-1).

2, Vicente Mireles, Mabton, sr.

3, Joey Escobar, Toppenish.

Notes: Mireles 1st at Winter Cup (pin, 15-7, 4-0). … Escobar 5-1 in 2 days at Best of the West.


1, Cortes Hernandez, Zillah, sr. (18-3).

2, Joesiah Saunders, Grandview, jr.

3, Brent Evans, Toppenish, so.

Notes: Hernandez 5th at PacCoast (145 pounds). … Saunders 4th at Sierra Nevada (6-2, both losses to Nguyen, Klamath, Ore.). … Evans 5-2 in 2 days at Best of the West.


1, Diego Hernandez, Zillah, so. (17-3).

2, Noe Palomino, Sunnyside, jr.

3, Kody Ergeson, Selah, sr.

Notes: Hernandez 6th at PacCoast (3-3 at 152, 2 losses inj def). … Palomino 1st at Winter Cup (pin, pin, pin). … Ergeson 4th at Best of the West (152), 1st at Cat Classic (145, 2-1, pin, pin).


1, Shane McMurray, Zillah, sr. (14-1).

2, Logan Merkle, East Valley, jr.

3, Sam Romero, Sunnyside, sr.

Notes: Merkle 2nd at Cat Classic. … Romero 3rd at Winter Cup.


1, Ramon Hernandez, Sunnyside, sr. (11-7).

2, Andrew Au, Selah, sr.

3, Brandon Marquez, Mabton, jr.

Notes: Hernandez 5th at Winter Cup. … Au 2nd at Cat Classic. … Marquez 5th at Winter Cup (152).


1, Anton Yates, East Valley, sr. (14-0).

2, Andres Acevedo, Eisenhower, sr.

3, Max Ramos, Sunnyside, sr.

Notes: Yates 1st at Cat Classic (pin, pin, pin, 11-1). … Acevedo 2-2 at Cat Classic. … Ramos 2nd at Winter Cup.


1, Zach Goodpaster, Selah, sr. (18-5).

2, Daniel Avalos, Sunnyside, jr.

3, David Cantu, Granger.

Notes: Goodpaster 4th at Best of the West, 4th at Cat Classic. … Avalos 3rd at Winter Cup.


1, Abidan Duarte, Granger, sr. (15-2).

2, Jason Glenn, Ellensburg, jr.

3, Ricardo Rodriguez, Wapato, sr.

Notes: Duarte 1st at Royal (pin, pin, pin). … Glenn 3rd at Cat Classic. … Rodriguez 2nd at Winter Cup.


1, Robert Koch, West Valley, sr. (10-3).

2, Austin Carmen, Sunnyside, jr.

3, Raul Pech, Toppenish, sr.

Notes: Carmen 2nd at Winter Cup. … Pech 3rd at Best of the West.


1, Pedro Recondo, Selah, sr. (14-4).

2, Robert Luna, Toppenish, jr.

3, Colton Gurney, West Valley, sr.

Notes: Recondo 5-2 over 2 days at Best of the West. ... Luna 3-3 at Best of the West.


100: Marizza Birrueta, Grandview (ranked No. 1 in state).

106: Vanessa Mendoza, Davis.

112: Kayla Gonzalez, Sunnyside (14-0 season record).

118: Mary Ellen Gutierrez, Mabton.

124: Jazmin Mendoza, Mabton.

130: Abigail Elizondo, Sunnyside.

137: Jesenia Meza, Mabton.

145: Alejandra Rodriguez, Granger.

155: Amanda Bazan, Sunnyside.

170: Jessica Cardenas, Sunnyside.

190-235: No information.

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