(All games 7 p.m.)


Key: CBBN, 4A-3A league; C WAC, 2A league; SCAC, West Division of 1A league; CWB, South Division of 2B league; NL, Nonleague.



Thursday, Sept. 5

West Valley at Pasco, NL

Friday, Sept. 6

Wenatchee at Eisenhower, CBBN

Davis at Eastmont, CBBN

Grandview at Sunnyside, NL

Kamiakin at Prosser, NL

Selah at Cle Elum, NL

Burbank at Toppenish, NL

Zillah at Wapato, NL

Cheney at East Valley, NL

River View at Highland, NL

White Salmon at Goldendale, NL

Kiona-Benton at Granger, NL

La Salle at DeSales, NL

Naches Valley at Mabton, NL

White Swan at Wahluke, NL

Saturday, Sept. 7

West Valley-Spokane at Ellensburg, NL



Friday, Sept. 13

Wenatchee at Davis, CBBN

Eisenhower at Moses Lake, CBBN

Southridge at Sunnyside, NL

West Valley at Selah, CWAC

East Valley at Toppenish, CWAC

Prosser at Grandview, CWAC

Ellensburg at Ephrata, CWAC

Wapato at Othello, CWAC

La Salle at River View, NL

Goldendale at Cashmere, NL

Zillah at Kiona-Benton, NL

Mabton at Wahluke, NL

Granger at Burbank, NL

Highland at White Swan, NL

Chelan at Naches Valley, NL

Reardan at Kittitas, NL



Thursday, Sept. 19

Sunnyside at Kamiakin, NL

Friday, Sept. 20

Eastmont at Eisenhower, CBBN

Davis at Walla Walla, CBBN

Grandview at West Valley, CWAC

Selah at Ellensburg, CWAC

Toppenish at Wapato, CWAC

Othello at Prosser, CWAC

Ephrata at East Valley, CWAC

Naches Valley at Zillah, SCAC

Goldendale at Highland, SCAC

La Salle at Granger, SCAC

Connell at Cle Elum, NL

Ritzville at Kittitas, NL

Saturday, Sept. 21

Tacoma Baptist at White Swan, NL



Thursday, Sept. 26

Sunnyside at Kennewick, NL

Friday, Sept. 27

Davis at Moses Lake, CBBN

Centralia at Eisenhower, NL

Grandview at Ellensburg, CWAC

Prosser at Toppenish, CWAC

East Valley at Selah, CWAC

Othello at West Valley, CWAC

Wapato at Ephrata, CWAC

Cle Elum at Goldendale, SCAC

Granger at Naches Valley, SCAC

Highland at La Salle, SCAC

Royal at Zillah, NL

White Swan at Bridgeport, CWB

Oroville at Kittitas, CWB



Friday, Oct. 4

Eisenhower at Davis, CBBN

Hanford at Sunnyside, NL

Grandview at Selah, CWAC

Prosser at Ellensburg, CWAC

East Valley at Wapato, CWAC

Toppenish at West Valley, CWAC

Zillah at Granger, SCAC

La Salle at Cle Elum, SCAC

Naches Valley at Highland, SCAC

Goldendale at Burbank, NL

Mabton at White Swan, NL

Kittitas at Lake Roosevelt, CWB



Friday, Oct. 11

Eastmont at Davis, CBBN

Eisenhower at Wenatchee, CBBN

Sunnyside at Moses Lake, CBBN

Toppenish at Grandview, CWAC

West Valley at East Valley, CWAC

Wapato at Prosser, CWAC

Othello at Ellensburg, CWAC

Selah at Ephrata, CWAC

Goldendale at La Salle, SCAC

Highland at Zillah, SCAC

Cle Elum at Naches Valley, SCAC

Granger at River View, NL

White Swan at Kittitas, CWB



Friday, Oct. 18

Moses Lake at Eisenhower, CBBN

Davis at Wenatchee, CBBN

Eastmont at Sunnyside, CBBN

Ellensburg at Wapato, CWAC

Prosser at West Valley, CWAC

Grandview at East Valley, CWAC

Othello at Selah, CWAC

Ephrata at Toppenish, CWAC

Granger at Highland, SCAC

Naches Valley at Goldendale, SCAC

Zillah at Cle Elum, SCAC

Kiona-Benton at La Salle, NL

Manson at White Swan, CWB

Kittitas at Bridgeport, CWB



Friday, Oct. 25

Sunnyside at Davis, CBBN

Eisenhower at Eastmont, CBBN

East Valley at Prosser, CWAC

West Valley at Ellensburg, CWAC

Selah at Wapato, CWAC

Toppenish at Othello, CWAC

Grandview at Ephrata, CWAC

La Salle at Naches Valley, SCAC

Cle Elum at Granger, SCAC

Goldendale at Zillah, SCAC

Wahluke at Highland, NL

White Swan at Oroville, CWB



Friday, Nov. 1

Eisenhower at Sunnyside, CBBN

Moses Lake at Davis, CBBN

Selah at Toppenish, CWAC

Wapato at West Valley, CWAC

Ellensburg at East Valley, CWAC

Ephrata at Prosser, CWAC

Othello at Grandview, CWAC

Highland at Cle Elum, SCAC

Zillah at La Salle, SCAC

Granger at Goldendale, SCAC

Naches Valley at Warden, NL

Lake Roosevelt at White Swan, CWB

Kittitas at Liberty Bell, CWB



Friday, Nov. 8

Davis at Eisenhower, CBBN

Sunnyside at Wenatchee, CBBN

Ellensburg at Toppenish, CWAC

Prosser at Selah, CWAC

Wapato at Grandview, CWAC

East Valley at Othello, CWAC

Ephrata at West Valley, CWAC

SCAC Crossovers

Liberty Bell at White Swan, CWB

Kittitas at Manson, CWB