YAKIMA, Wash. — Adam Powell was sentenced Friday to more than 28 years in prison for the 2010 fatal shooting of his girlfriend at their home in Tieton.

The sentence by Yakima County Superior Court Judge Susan Hahn was at least five years above the normal maximum for second-degree murder as called for by state sentencing guidelines.

A jury earlier this month deliberated barely 2½ hours before convicting Powell of deliberately shooting 28-year-old Sabrina Flores in the head.

At trial, deputy prosecutor Alvin Guzman argued Powell shot Flores with his .40-caliber pistol because she was going to leave him and then tried to stage the scene to look like a suicide.

Powell testified Flores was suicidal but that he initially lied when he said she had committed suicide and that what really happened was that the gun went off during a struggle when he tried to disarm her.

But Guzman argued Powell changed his story only because the physical evidence — including the wound, blood spatter and positioning of the body — didn’t fit with his original version.

A cellmate also testified Powell boasted he had virtually executed Flores for trying to leave him.

Other testimony suggested the couple had an abusive relationship and that Powell appeared to be the aggressor.

Hahn’s ruling included a top-of-the-range base sentence of 220 months plus a mandatory 60 months for a firearms enhancement.

At Guzman’s urging, the judge at her discretion added another 60 months for a domestic violence aggravator, for a total of 340 months, or 28 years and four months.