We’ve been talking turkey for about 19 days here on Appetite, and the Big Day is only four days away — I told you it would come fast!

If you don’t have all your pieces by now, you’d better get moving. Thankfully, there are still plenty of deals to be had, with most stores offering free turkeys when you spend a certain amount of money (usualy $150 — super easy to do on a big dinner).

Let’s recap what ground we’ve covered so far, just in case you need help remembering what to make. Click on each recipe name to go back to that post and get the how-to.


Spiced Tieton Cider


Stuffing stuffed mushrooms

Side dishes

Lemon-herb carrot tarts

Cranberry salad and citrus-apricot cranberry sauce

Grilled sweet potato and pepper packs and sweet potato chips

The main course

Brining and butterflying your bird

Cherry-glazed turkey with dried cherry-apple stuffing


Pumpkin bread pudding

Cherry-Apple Slab Pie

Pecan Tassies

Cupcake Apple Crisp

Red Velvet Brownie Cupcakes

What’s been your favorite so far? Any favorite recipes you’d like to share? Just email them to me at stranchell@yakimaherald.com, or post them in the Facebook comments below!