Last year on May 4, Inklings Bookshop held a May the Fourth Be With You event in honor of the “Star Wars” franchise. I loved seeing all the creative costumes people wore, including that of Princess Leia.

I can’t wait to see what people come up with this year for our May the Fourth Be With You event, which will be held Saturday (technically May 3, but close enough). We will have games, snacks, pictures and special deals on all “Star Wars” merchandise. Costumes are encouraged.

To get in character, I suggest reading a few of the new “Star Wars” books. For the youngest, try “Star Wars: Colors” and “Star Wars: ABC.” These board books instruct the youngling on colors and the alphabet, as their titles suggest. They use screenshots from all six movies and specific characters. I love the “W” Wookiee page and the “R” R2-D2 pages.

Beginning readers will enjoy our early-reader books. They range in difficulty from “learning to read” all the way to “proficient reader.” One of my personal favorites is “Even Droids Need Friends” by Simon Beecroft. It’s about the various types of friendships seen in the “Star Wars” universe. I especially enjoy the vivid screenshots of the Ewoks.

I spent hours and hours playing Legos with my brothers growing up. I also remember watching the original trilogy with them. I wish Lego had started making “Star Wars”-themed sets when I was a child. Now they not only make the sets, but also books. Combining the two into books helps reluctant readers. Who doesn’t enjoy a good space battle?

It’s a joy to see customers return for more in the neverending stream of “Star Wars” books. One customer’s grandson makes visits every time he’s in Yakima to check on the latest release.

Last July, “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope” came out. Ian Doescher reimagined the classic “Star Wars” plot in Shakespearian style with George Lucas’ approval. Here at Inklings, my co-workers and I often excitedly discuss new books. This was no exception. We thumbed through and laughed at the hilarious retelling. It went straight to the best-seller list.

When the sequel arrived, we read aloud passages, unable to contain our glee. “The Empire Striketh Back” continues the saga in iambic pentameter. Detailed illustrations accompany and enhance the already remarkable books. It also went straight to the best-seller list and brought “Verily, A New Hope” back. Enjoy these books you will.

• “Star Wars: ABC” was published by Scholastic in 2010. It retails for $12.99.

• “Star Wars: Colors” was published by Scholastic in 2013. It retails for $12.99.

• “Star Wars: Even Droids Need Friends” by Simon Beecroft was published by Dorling Kindersley Publishers in 2013. It retails for $3.99.

• “William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back” by Ian Doescher was published in March by Quirk Books. It retails for $14.95.

• “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily a New Hope,” by Ian Doescher was published by Quirk Books in 2013. It retails for $14.95.

• Amy Stoothoff works for Inklings Bookshop. She and other Inklings staffers review books in this space each week.