To the editor — Some people are trying hard to make Yakima a revitalized community. Some do it through volunteering, some do it through investing millions of dollars. The admirable new building being constructed at 24th and Washington avenues is a vivid testament to the future of Yakima.

However, there is a problem that detracts from the entire project. A small business in a run-down, dilapidated building is located immediately next to the new construction. This dilapidated building is an eyesore to the community, even without the futuristic new construction. I am sure that the investors tried to buy out the small next-door property.

The city needs to condemn properties that are standing in the way of revitalization. The legal tactic of eminent domain should be used more liberally, especially where when it regards a longtime, visual eyesore to the community. And even more so when it detracts from a multimillion-dollar revitalization effort. Eminent domain has its pros and cons. But the revitalization of a community that has languished in the doldrums of the last several decades deserves some new tactics.